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Washington Post columnist and editor Jonathan Capehart just commended globalist and pro-immigration activist, Justin Gest, on his proposed way forward for white middle class America. Gest, an assistant professor in public policy at George Mason University, believes that white America is a dying community, and its demise needs to be addressed as a form of political hospice care.

According to Gest, “These are communities that are on the paths to death. And the question is: how can we make that as comfortable as possible?”

The left-wing Capehart stated that hospice care for white working-class communities is a “way forward” for the nation. Just to refresh your memory, Capehart was the black, gay reporter who cried on air the day following Donald Trump’s election. He began crying and said that he was frightened. What a man!

Arguing that immigrants are more inventive and hard-working than Americans, Gest told Breitbart News that immigrants can replace American workers, consumers, and children. He admitted that Democrats want to grant a higher social status to progressives and minorities and reduce the social status for white America. Can someone please tell that to the white Useful Idiots who continue to vote Democrat?

Gest even suggests that the Democrat Party turn its back on the white middle class as he states, “to welcome the white working class would be to cheapen the privileges given to others.”

The Left has never been about equality. They toss around the term “equal rights” as a veil for their intended motive to “get even” for what they perceive as white privilege. Liberals aren’t interested in elevating the lives of all Americans to a level of parity.

Social justice is about settling a score and swapping places. It isn’t about righting historical wrongs. It’s about payback and the transfer of wealth from the white race to all people of color who continue to portray themselves the victims of all white people. Social justice is anything but justice.

And now we have social justice warriors Jonathan Capehart and Justin Gest clearing the “way forward” for the nation by suggesting that the white community is dying and must be allowed to die with compassion.

In fact, Gest has taken his desire for a new non-white America another step. He has written the book on the white working class entitled, “The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality.”

Gest stated, “For many white working class people, and this is going to be controversial, for many white working class people, not all of them but many, you have a community of people who are advanced in age, whose skill set if for a different economy, who are living in communities that are losing population, losing resources, and so in many ways the only way of addressing their plight is a form of political hospice care. These are the communities that are on the path to death, and the question is how can we make that as comfortable as possible.” Gee, Mr. Gest, thank you so much for caring about deliberating a less painful death for the white race.

Leftists like Justin Gest and Jonathan Capehart are over-schooled. They don’t experience life. They romp through the world of academia, rejoicing in their own over-educated superiority which is void of thoughtful challenges. They pat each other on the back as colleagues who perceive themselves to transcend the ordinary station of life of the white common man.

It was not by chance that Justin Gest used the political hospice care analogy to describe the fate and future of the white man’s community. It is symbolic of the mortal wound being inflicted upon the white community by these Progressive elites. It is not political hospice care they seek for whites. They have a death wish for whites which originates with white privilege.

And now, the real question is, “How much longer will the white American community allow this assault on their children and grandchildren’s futures to advance?”

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