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It’s official. Former FBI Director James Comey is not only a beta male, but he is a self-admitted genuine coward. In his historic testimony before the senate intelligence committee he identified himself as a very weak man.

Let that soak in for a minute. The leader of the FBI for the last four years is a gutless wonder. So, is it any wonder that the President of the United States would want to fire this Casper Milquetoast character?

Like most Americans, I have always held the FBI with the highest regard. And now I learn that not only was the Director of this esteemed intelligence agency a political opportunist but that he was a spineless wimp. And frankly, that is a very disheartening reality.

But should we really be surprised to learn that Comey is just another run-of-the-mill disappointing weak-kneed male? After all, he is an Obama appointee. Did we really expect Obama to choose bold, independent, pugnacious men into positions of power?

Obama wanted malleable, self-serving individuals who were putty in his hands. He wanted yes-men whom could be persuaded without effort. And obviously, James Comey was the ideal choice for the leader Obama wanted in his administration’s FBI.

I watched the entire Comey hearing yesterday, and as the hearing progressed, Comey’s reputation and integrity became increasingly questionable. This giant of a man looked small as he repeatedly acknowledged that he wasn’t strong enough to confront President Trump on matters that Comey “alleged” made him feel “uncomfortable.”

Comey stated that he felt queasy to his stomach because Trump had told him that he liked loyalty. If a conversation with the President of the United States makes Comey nauseous, then how in the sam hell will a terrorist attack on American soil make him feel? Is the guy really that delicate?

Comey’s inconsistent behaviors, according to his own testimony, told the story of a highly politicized individual with an obvious preconceived disdain for President Trump. He admitted that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had tried to use him to soften Hillary Clinton’s scandal, even asking him to change the wording of the investigation to a less serious suggestion of a “matter.” But Comey saw no reason to report Lynch’s “tampering” with his investigation.

He didn’t write personal memos as to the unethical, if not illegal, pressure that Lynch had placed upon him to influence the presidential election. In Comey’s book, Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac was A-Okay, even though he knew that Lynch was using him to gain political advantage for Hillary Clinton.

Why didn’t Comey have a friend “leak” a memo to the New York Times regarding Lynch and her meddling in his internal FBI affairs? Because Comey was an Obama man. He was not leading the FBI in an independent direction. He was allowing his agency to be manipulated by the Democrat Party, just like everything else in the Washington Swamp.

James Comey has an ax to grind with President Trump. He was fired, for gosh sakes. Why would anybody believe him in regards to his testimony about Trump? He was a scorned man, and he obviously wanted to get even with Trump. So, why would he be credible?

He called Trump a liar. But remembering back to last July when Comey held a press conference in which he announced that Hillary Clinton had committed wrongdoing with her email scandal but that he would not be indicting her, I can’t recall one time in which he suggested that she was a liar. And we all know that Clinton sports the Pinocchio nose.

James Comey testified that he was fearful of meeting with Trump one-on-one, and he recounted a story in which he supposedly told the Attorney General not to put him in that position. But he failed to point out that he had personally requested a one-on-one meeting with Trump in early January. But suddenly, he became afraid of being alone with Trump. Was that a yellow streak I saw down the back of Comey’s suit?

Amazingly but not surprisingly, the Democrats are claiming victory after Comey’s testimony. They ignore the fact that Comey is a confessed leaker. They overlook his claims of Loretta Lynch’s attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

In truth, Comey’s testimony proved Trump’s claims that he had been told by Comey that he was not under investigation. It proved that Comey is a leaker. It brought to light the corruption of Loretta Lynch.

But when history has it’s final say about the Comey hearing, it will disregard Trump’s request for loyalty. It will ignore Loretta Lynch’s meddling in the FBI Clinton investigation.

History will record the second-ever firing of an FBI Director, specifically James Comey, as a situation in which a soft, incompetent but pompous man took the FBI into the political landscape and became one with the Washington Swamp.

When I think of James Comey, I will forever envision a larger than life man who writes memos to himself……Dear Diary, today President Trump asked me for my loyalty, and I got queasy. I was afraid. I don’t want to be in a room by myself with him. It makes me uncomfortable. I’m going to run somewhere with my wife and hide. Nobody told me that being the head of the FBI was going to be this scary.”

And today I will write in my own journal, “Dear Diary, It is time for Secretary of Defense James Mattis to take the cowardly James Comey to the woodshed. He needs his ass whipped!

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