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Newt Gingrich issued a dire warning to President Trump and Republicans this past weekend. Newt is questioning the impartiality of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as he has staffed his special counsel team with lawyers who have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to individual Democrat candidates and the Democrat Party.

Four of Mueller’s top pick lawyers have a direct conflict of interest with events and parties surrounding the special counsel investigation. Was Mueller clueless as to the political past of his selections or did he just not care? His negligence in appointing partisan players is inexcusable.

Mueller hired Jeannie Rhee, a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation. Rhee was influential in blocking attempts to make the Clintons testify under oath about the transactions of their so-called charity. She gave the maximum contributions of $2700 to Hillary’s presidential campaign in both 2015 and 2016. She donated to Obama’s campaign in both 2008 and 2011. She is also noted for contributing to the Democrat Party as well as other Democrat senators.

What could Mueller have possibly been thinking when he hired Rhee? His thoughtfulness and scrutiny should definitely be considered unacceptable.

James Quarles, another appointee was not only a Watergate investigator, but he gave money to both Obama and Clinton. Attorneys Andrew Weissmann and Michael Dreeben both have ties to the Democrat Party.

Mueller has obviously chosen a staff with a preference towards Democrats for this high profile investigation into a Republican administration. Whatever happened to neutrality?

Critics of Newt Gingrich cry that Gingrich originally praised Mueller as an excellent choice for leading the special counsel. And Gingrich did indeed say that Mueller was a man of integrity and honesty.

But whether Mueller is a man of integrity or honesty is irrelevant to the facts which tell the story of a man who is using poor judgment in the selection of his special counsel team. Defendants are promised a jury of their peers. If Mueller was going to be indiscreet in his choice of investigators, he should have at the very least erred on the side of the Republican administration he is going to be investigating.

Mueller’s integrity and honesty may not be the issue, but the virtue and sincerity of the men and women he chooses to investigate are an issue. And if his team includes political operatives with an agenda, who are creatures of the Washington Swamp or “deep state,” then the investigation is tainted from the get go.

Is Mueller so naïve as to believe that his partisan investigators will provide the Trump administration with the probity needed to resolve the witchhunt of the phony Russian collusion story?

And then there’s the matter of Robert Mueller’s close connections with the Gerber Baby Food poster child James Comey. From all accounts it is being noted that Mueller and Comey worked together for thirty years. Judge Jeanine Pirro has indicated that the two men are “besties” in terms of friendship.

Mueller’s friendship with Comey is key to his ability to provide effective and judicious leadership in an investigation which should shed light on Comey’s own unethical and illegal behaviors. Can Mueller be trusted to apply the strictest of standards to James Comey and his shadowy and unscrupulous conduct? I would wager it’s doubtful.

President Trump, the Republican Party, and the nation do not need the circus of what will come with Mueller and his rodeo of Democrat-friendly lawyers. Mueller needs to be fired now. He has proven that he does not have what it takes to lead an impartial investigation. His team and his friendship with Comey are a clear conflict of interest! Fire Mueller now!

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