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How could any informed and attentive American have been surprised at yesterdays targeted shooting of Republicans? I sure wasn’t. I have been expecting an attack upon a Republican or conservative dignitary for months. Because it is, after all, what the Left wants and what they incite.

What was Madonna’s motive in suggesting, just the day after President Trump’s inauguration, that she wanted to blow up the White House? Bluntly, she wanted to plant seeds of assassination in the heads of her fans and the women at the Women’s pink pussyhat March.

Why did Kathy Griffin hold up a bloodied, decapitated head of President Trump? She wanted to run with the Left’s message that they wanted Trump dead. She was gleeful with the barbaric symbolism of a beheaded Trump.

And then we have the Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar in which the assassinated character of Caesar is a look alike of President Trump. Sponsors of the play such as New York Times and American Express refuse to pull out while refusing to condemn the theater’s depiction of a sitting president’s assassination. Adding public shame to the entire controversy, the twisted audiences are giving the play a standing ovation.

College campuses are literally on fire as out-of-control Liberals vandalize their own schools and surrounding towns in objection to conservative voices having the opportunity to speak.

When the DNC Chair, Tom Perez, tells his party base that “The GOP doesn’t give a sh*t about you,” and “Fu*k the Republicans,” he is sending a bold and perilous message to his followers. When Democrat Florida Congressman Alan Grayson announced to the media during Obamacare debates that “The Republicans want you dead,” he was creating an unforgivable divide between the parties.

Jimmy Kimmel used the heart surgery of his son as an emotional appeal to his audience by inferring that Republicans will repeal Obamacare and deny babies healthcare. It takes a special kind of miscreant to use his own child for political advantage.

Mainstream media has delighted in 24/7 news coverage of anti-Trump and anti-conservative rhetoric designed to create civil unrest and discontent among its liberal listeners. I have no doubt that the mainstream media was disappointed that thusfar, yesterday’s only casualty was the shooter himself. As one Liberal tweeted in reference to Congressman Scalise, “One down, only 206 to go.”

Let’s not play games here. Despite the expected call for “unity” by public figures like Nancy Pelosi and other disingenuous Democrats, we know that these words for a coming together are hollow sounds of the Left mouthing off words intended to express their shock and dismay at the intentional targeting of Republicans.

In reality, they don’t care, and they want to use the event to push for their gun control agenda. Saul Alinsky’s rule to “never let a good crisis go to waste” is etched in the minds of the heartless Democrats.

Rather than to take responsibility for its incorrigible role in brainwashing people like the shooter, James Hodgkinson, the New York Times has launched into the gun control outcry, and this time they are blaming Sarah Palin for the Alexandria shooting. But we shouldn’t be surprised, because Liberals never ever take responsibility for their actions.

Democrats are the people who scream victimization and disparage personal responsibility and civic duty. If the real truth were told, for many Democrats, James Hodgkinson is a national hero.

Breitbart News has put together a list of Hollywood celebrities who have made threats against Trump and the Republicans. Screenwriter Joss Whedon stated, “I want a RINO to f*ck Paul Ryan to death.” Are these people filthy pigs or what?

Rapper YG sings a “F**k Donald Trump” song. How original. Marilyn Manson kills Trump in a music video. Robert de Niro said that he would like to punch Donald Trump in the face. Snoop Dog shoots Trump in the head in a music video.

HBO producer David Simon said, just day before yesterday, “Pick up a god**mn brick if Trump fires Robert Mueller. After actor Mickey Rourke threatened to beat Trump with a baseball bat, he stated, “He can su*k my fu*king d*ck. Kiss my mother**king ass you b*tch punk co**sucker.” I bet you can hardly wait to see a new movie starring Mickey Rourke.

Actress Lea Delaria threatened to take out Trump and Independents with a baseball bat. She wrote #fu*kTrump, #f**ktheGOP, and my personal favorites #f**kstraightwhiteAmerica and #f*ckyour privilege.

The Daily Show contributor, Larry Gilmore, joked about suffocating Trump with the same pillow they used to kill Scalia. Stephen Colbert depicted Trump aid Stephen Miller with his head on a stake. Is this beginning to resemble the French Revolution? Comedian Sarah Silverman suggested that the military overthrow Trump. Needless to say, Silverman lacks for humorous material in her routines.

And there are hundreds of other daily examples of the Left threatening or “suggesting” the assassination of President Trump and violence against his supporters.

But we shouldn’t be stunned by the pure animus which oozes from every orifice of the left-wing villains. This is who they are. The Democrats have devolved into unholy and vile degenerates who have completely lost touch with their own humanity.

The Democrat Left are bullies and big mouths. They hold no remorse for the Alexandria shootings, and they have no desire to unite and work together for the common good of this nation.

They want violence. They want a civil war. They are spoilin’ for a fight, and they are going to get one if they don’t get control of themselves. And when it begins, they won’t know what hit them, because they will lose.

They are communist revolutionaries. Things are going to get very ugly!


  1. As always, Judy, you tell it so well. I keep reading that both sides produce hateful and dangerous rhetoic, yet I don’t see it. I Continue to challenge my bias to determine if maybe I’m giving the right a pass, but I don’t believe so. I believe the left have become a hateful and dangerous force that are determined to destroy our nation. And I am befuddled in trying to understand what the general liberal thinks he or she will gain from a defeated America.

    • Mike, the general liberal doesn’t think. And those who do think, hate America as we know it, and they want to see it defeated as a punishment to all of those Americans who managed to build a successful life. Defeating America is about getting even with white America. It is about hatred. Liberals are so full of hatred that they are willing to not only sacrifice the lives of the unborn, but to risk the lives of their own children through radical ideology. The Democrat Party is a religion. Republicans are not innocent, but compared to the vulgar and obscene behavior of the Democrats, the GOP appears to be virtuous.

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