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The Huffington Post has scrubbed an article by contributor Jason Fuller which calls for the execution of President Trump and the GOP leadership. Fuller accuses Trump of treason and wants him and fellow Republicans prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law which is namely “death.”

Fuller published the piece just four days ago, and suddenly Huffington Post deletes it. My goodness, would it have anything to do with the fact that Republicans are now being targeted for assassination? Surely, Huffington Post doesn’t think the public would see a link between their call for Trump’s execution and yesterday’s shooting. Duh!

James Hodgkinson was a radical Progressive activist as evident by social media and his own writings. To say that he had a screw loose is redundant, because all radical Progressives are crackpots. Being a nutcase just goes with the territory of being progressive.

Hodgkinson praised and admired left-wing loon Rachel Maddow. He routinely quoted Democrat talking points. He was exemplary of the quintessential Liberal who gathered his lack of facts and opinions from mainstream “fake news” media. And that would include journalists such as Fuller who tantalize their readers with irresponsible and irrational rantings.

Fuller specified that Steven Bannon, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan should face the execution squad along with Trump. He insists that the survival of the nation depends on his plan to execute Trump and other Republicans he considers to be complicit with Trump’s agenda.

Jason Fuller is no doubt another product of the left-wing college campus which spends taxpayer funds producing young clueless Progressives. Fuller blames Trump for the “catastrophe that this nation now faces.”

In truth, the catastrophic developments in this country are a result of the full-throttle Marxist agenda of Barack Obama and the Left’s refusal to honor the election of President Donald J. Trump.

Those of us who truly understand the progressive movement and the motive of the Democrat Party as well as the establishment Republicans, have recognized that the Left will never ever admit defeat and permit the reversal of Barack Obama’s policies. Nor will they abide by the United States Constitution and allow Trump to serve out his presidency.

Within less than six months into his first term, they have managed to create enough chaos to disrupt most of Trump’s agenda. And as he presses on, they become more rabid and determined to stop him.

President Trump is in grave danger of assassination. The Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, and mainstream media are feeding the “kill Trump” frenzy.

Huffington Post’s publication of the inconceivable commentary by Jason Fuller which called for Trump’s death inspires another Democrat loon like Hodgkinson to step into action. HuffPo was reckless to have even given Fuller credibility.

It’s time for the FBI to bring in Jason Fuller for questioning. Why is the FBI continuing to ignore threats against this president? They are appearing to be untrustworthy and negligent in their pursuit of the truth and justice.

Our president’s life is in danger. Republican lawmakers are being shot. The mainstream media is off the rails with its deception. The Democrat Party is now the Communist Party USA. And the Democrats have become so deranged and unhinged that they are incapable of rational thought.

We are sitting on the proverbial time bomb. The only question now is “when will it detonate?”

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