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At the end of his program last night, Sean Hannity asked the question, “Is the Left trying to destroy America?” And I have my hand up to answer that question, Sean. Most definitely the Left is hell bent intent on destroying the United States of America.

Oh, my, did I just insult a Democrat? I have heard Democrats say many times, “How dare you question my patriotism!” Yada, yada, yada! It’s really not such a big leap to conclude that if you support policies that destroy America’s sovereignty, economy, educational system, moral compass, Judeo-Christian values, and future of her children, you are anti-American.

When a sitting president, namely Barack Obama, gives billions of American dollars to a country like Iran, for the purpose of bolstering its nuclear program, after Iran has threatened to obliterate America, then it would be appropriate and accurate to contend that Obama is anti-American.

The Left finds the American flag to be controversial and offensive to non-citizens. Many institutions and even taxpayer-funded schools do not fly the American flag on American soil as it is deemed incendiary. To insinuate that the flag-waving Americans are somehow objectionable is reflective of the disdain that the Left holds for this nation.

The Democrat Party fuels true racism as the growing attacks on white Americans and the spurious claims of white privilege increase. The Left celebrates people of color while disparaging people of European descent. Their phony proclamation of equality pertains only to those of minority status.

If we were to assume that the Left is not trying to destroy America, we would have to recognize that they are collectively suffering from severe psychosis, entangled in the web of the Democrat Party cult or religion, mentally challenged, or so weak-minded that they succumb to the power of suggestion and mainstream media propaganda.

Make no mistake about it. The policies which have inverted the common sense body politic that have kept America on its course of exceptionalism, are indisputably left-wing programs designed to weaken American influence throughout the world and most importantly to cripple the average American economically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When Barack Obama spoke of “transforming” America, he was acknowledging that he wanted to destroy America. But he spoke to the uninformed and misinformed Americans with little historical or political knowledge.

Transforming America is destroying her. America is not just a place. America is an idea. She is the quintessential experiment of enlightenment in the struggle of free men versus totalitarian rule.

She is the progeny of men who defied the subjugation of kings and queens, tyrants and despots, dictators and oligarchs. She is the aspiration of men who understood that man could govern himself absent of rulers and autocrats.

America was and still is that bastion of hope in which liberty defeats the oppression of the elite, the nobility, and the powerful. But we are fading fast, because the Left wants to destroy America.

As obvious from recent events which include surmounting violence perpetrated by the Left, the Democrats are purposefully creating circumstances which will result in chaos and lawlessness. And they are doing so, because they hate America. And they hate Conservatives.

They want us gone so that they can transform(destroy) the United States of America into the globalist utopia of communist unicorns. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the far Left, which is now the Democrat Party, will not stop until they destroy conservative America or we destroy them.

It’s not pretty, but it’s reality.

As the Marshall Tucker Band sang, “Can’t you see oh can’t you see” what the Left has planned for you and for me?


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