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My heart, like millions of other “conservative” Americans, was saddened last night when I learned that the young Otto Warmbier had died. In actuality, he was murdered months ago in North Korea. But finally the functioning fragment of his brain which controlled his vitals succumbed to the inevitability of his death.

And that was for the best. A young man whose brain tissue was destroyed from trauma has no future and realistically no hope of ever having a life of awareness. Under the circumstances, when nature took its course, it spared Otto’s parents the pain and anguish of sitting beside their child’s bedside watching him exist in a vegetative state.

But the sad story of Otto Warmbier is of much more consequence than just a young man who was savagely beaten and abused by the North Korean regime. Otto’s imprisonment and fifteen year sentence of hard labor revealed the loathing and contempt that so many liberals on the left hold for the white man, especially white males.

I begin my narrative with the opinion piece in the Huffington Post by La Sha, a black woman who describes herself as a writer and revolutionary. And while not in her self profile, she is also a hater of white people.

The piece in question by La Sha is entitled, “North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal.” It was written fifteen months ago, just weeks after Otto Warmbier was convicted for stealing a propaganda banner in the communist country.

La Sha writes that she was shocked that a grown man would enter North Korea much less commit a college-style prank. And to begrudgingly have to agree with this hateful woman on any issue, I will have to acknowledge that I also found his decision to enter the country of dictator Kim Jong Nutcase to be unwise, but that was water under the bridge.

He was a kid, and he made a stupid decision. How many of us have not made shortsighted, moronic mistakes when we were young, and older for that matter? We were all invincible in our own minds at 21, and if we weren’t, we were most likely neurotic or scaredycats.

But La Sha continues with her “Otto Warmbier deserves what he got” commentary stating that Warmbier’s reckless gall is a side effect of being socialized first as a white boy and then a white man. She said that his arrogance was pathogenic giving him the obnoxious perception that rules don’t apply to him because he is a white boy.

She notes that white privilege is a hell of a drug, that being the reason for his neglect in recognizing the hostile political climate in the country. Her insinuation was that Otto imagined, “Hey, I’m a white boy. I can do anything I want.”

La Sha cites Eric Garner’s death for selling loose cigarettes as reason that fifteen years of hard labor for Warmbier was fair punishment. After all, there have been blacks killed for far less than taking propaganda posters according to La Sha.

After mocking Warmbier for being “bummed out” to learn that his white privilege was inconsequential in North Korea, La Sha has the audacity to liken Otto’s fifteen years of hard labor to her own psychotic experiences of living in a country where white men are oblivious to her suffering as a black woman in America. According to this self-identified revolutionary, white men are complicit in their struggles for white supremacy and maintaining their own power structure. They don’t recognize La Sha’s cries for help.

So, she is amused by the fact that the North Korean government is unfazed by Otto’s pleas for help. He is after all just a white boy.

Now, that poor Otto has met such a tragic fate, La Sha can celebrate the death of this white boy since I’m sure it will make her feel so much better and justified. Damn those white boys! Right, La Sha?

I can’t help but wonder, La Sha, since you want to compare your experiences as a black girl in America with the brutality that Warmbier received at the hands of his captors…how many times were you slammed up the side of the head? How many times were you beaten senseless? Obviously you are a braindead liberal, but were your brains pulverized like pancake batter?

Otto Warmbier was a kid, a fun-loving young man who used poor judgement in his travels to North Korea and his prank to take a poster. And he paid with his life. Undoubtedly, La Sha is throwing down a few beers tonight in triumph as there is one less white boy walking planet earth.

I am calling for prayers for Otto’s family.

And I am calling for the devil to prepare that special place in hell for La Sha.


  1. One thing to point out to La Sha and the like is that plenty of Americans did visit NK. For example Scott Fisher (the guy who wrote Axis of Evil World Tour).

    La Sha didn’t realize that Warmbier was in danger in his situation. I think she should have issued an apology after his death.

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