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I have to confess…I am one of those unusual people who really doesn’t mind President Trump’s tweets. Admittedly, I have cringed at several of his twitter rants, more so during the primary election season than now.

But I see a method to his tweeting madness. It appears to me that Trump has more than one objective with his tweets. And I think that his use of this unprecedented presidential form of communication is not as immature or extreme as many of his critics like to assert.

First of all, I think it is abundantly clear that Trump tweets to circumvent the media. His words and message are deliberately misconstrued by the mainstream media so as to fit the media’s anti-Trump agenda. He knows this, and he is mocking this bunch of hostile journalists by going straight to the people.

Why should President Trump be expected to placate the “fake news media” who are overwhelmingly trying to remove him from office? A judicious person should avoid those people who plant land mines in their midst. Trump refuses to walk within the media killing fields.

Secondly, it is not a secret that Trump is not articulate or eloquent in his speech or communication. He is not statesman-like. But he is extremely shrewd. He has the extraordinary ability to scrutinize his adversaries and emotionally disarm them.

Emotionally charged people are generally poor decision makers in terms of keeping their cool and thinking clearly. It is no coincidence that the mainstream media is having conniption fits around the clock as they react to President Trump. They are having a meltdown, because Trump has manipulated the entire worthless crowd of elite commentators and reporters.

When Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, the media went into their collective outrage. Naturally, they bashed Trump and clung to their phony Russian collusion story, but they are so biased in their own progressive ideological playground that they lost all self awareness. Their hypocritical partisanship blinded them to the reality that Trump was exposing their corruption.

Not since the days of Ronald Reagan has a Republican managed to thwart the left-leaning mainstream media. Pretty much every Republican, other than Sarah Palin, danced to the media music lest the media hit the kill switch on their career. And that’s exactly what happened to Palin’s political career. But I would rather lose the battle than be a boot licker like John McCain and the other Republicans of his ilk.

Thirdly, President Trump has the innate tendency, as we all do, for self defense. What normal person wouldn’t want to turn the tables on their political assailants if they had the resources to do so?

But Trump knows that the best strategy involves putting the aggressors on the defense and taking the offense. The media has never had to play defense, and they don’t know how to effectively do it. That’s why they are in emergency mode. Going on defense has put the media into the position of having to unmask.

Consider this. Joe Scarborough has been so unnerved by this president that he said on air that “Donald Trump is a kid pooping his pants.” Yes, that statement comes from the host of a morning television program who has become so desperate that he has revealed his own prejudice and nastiness by speaking of a sitting president with such disgusting disrespect.

CNN’s Jim Acosta had an emotional crash on air as he stood before the White House, almost in tears, whining that Trump’s treatment of the media is unprecedented………not illegal, mind you…just unprecedented. The big bad voice of CNN looked like a pitiful crybaby.

The media is hyperventilating to the extent that they made a news story over the fact that President Trump had two scoops of ice cream on his pie while those dining with him had only one. This story in itself discloses the desperation that is growing within the media world.

And these revelations are a good thing. Because of Trump’s brazen provocation, much of what has been through his tweeting, the fake news media has been taken to the woodshed for its fraudulence.

Granted, we would all prefer that President Trump not feel the urgency to tweet, but we need to give him the benefit of the doubt. He lives under assassination threats and unparalleled hatred while he tries to make the policy changes that he was elected to make.

Some say that Trump brings a lot of the media antagonism on himself. Really? How can any serious person believe that if Trump were a good boy and didn’t tweet, this media would treat him fairly?

Donald Trump may not have been my first choice for president, but unlike Republican NeverTrumpers, I don’t try to defy reality. And I say, “Give this president a break, and let him take the fight to the media with his own strategy. It’s working. He has them on their knees. And that’s exactly where they need to be.”


  1. I love Trump’s Tweets! He sure hit back today at Joe Scarborough and his anorexic wife! The world knows now that she had a facelift because she was still seeping blood on her face at Mira Lago! And Trump has nicknamed her, “Low IQ .” Bash him some more Morning Joe! Trump is better than Don Rickles !

    • So do I, and I don’t blame him for going after Scarborough and Mika. Scarborough said that Trump is like a kid who pooped his pants, and now they’re crying about him taking aim at them. Tweet away Trump!

  2. AWESOME POST JUDY!! I can’t agree more! I love how he treats them, they need to be taken down. Someone has to rock the boat , he’s walking the path less taken and he’s walking it alone but he has supporters. They underestimated the power of the people!

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