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The latest headlines read, “Johnny Depp asks, When was the last time an actor assassinated a president.” Depp offers a rider with his comment adding that he isn’t insinuating anything. Of course you aren’t, Johnny. Suggesting the assassination of President Trump is just all in good fun.

As expected, the crowd cheered Depp’s hilarious interrogatory proposition. I know that I always fall in the floor laughing when assassination is the topic on the table. It provides such needed comic relief.

Depp is just the most recent two-bit Hollywood celebrity who is using his position to not-so-subtly put out the call for violence against President Trump and the Republicans. And this trend will increase, because the Left is beginning to realize that their communist utopia will remain their own private pipedream for America, unless they do something drastic.

Watching Barack Obama transform the social, cultural, spiritual, and political landscape of the United States for eight long hellish years, Republicans patiently waited for his term in office to end. Republicans wanted to correct the catastrophic problems at the ballot box.

There were no bloodied heads of Barack Obama displayed in the media. There were no celebrity shout outs for the assassination of Obama. Granted, there was animosity and disgust directed at the forty-fourth president, but at no point did conservative voices take to their airwaves and suggest or even joke about snuffing out the life of this anti-American president.

But that was then, and this is now. We have a Republican president. And after Obama, the Democrats expected the communist revolution to continue. They were blind-sided by the Republican 2016 romp. Not only were they poor losers, but the loss created psychotic episodes in the minds of the “Death to America” party.

The Left, with the Democrat Party as their leadership, are pushing the nation into a civil war which will turn bloody. In fact, it has already turned violent with the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Democrats will argue that there are violent lunatics on both sides of the political division, which is true. But the tell-tale sign of the Left’s aspirations for bloodletting is the continued Democrat incendiary rhetoric. Rather than to calm their party members in the face of the Alexandria shooting, Democrat leaders are provocative with their anti-Trump and anti-Republican hyperbole.

They are deliberately inciting their base with demagogic and inflammatory accusations against the Republicans. MSNBC globalist Mika Brzezinski insinuated President Trump was building a dictatorship. Hillary Clinton is now calling the Republican Party the “death party.” Elizabeth Warren alleges that the cuts in the Republican replacement of Obamacare is “blood money” and that people will die.

Crazy Joe Biden stated that he wanted to take President Trump behind the gym for the obvious reason of kicking his a*s. Tim Kaine, whose son was arrested for interrupting a pro-Trump rally, has called for fighting the Republicans, in Congress, at the ballot box, and in the streets.

Just three months ago Loretta Lynch made a video in which she called for Democrats to ban together to fight against the Trump administration and the Right. She invoked periods of time in which people “bled, fought, and died.” She was obviously making a call to arms.

As evident by the election of President Trump, the system is working. We the People recognized the totalitarian direction in which Barack Obama and the Democrat Party was taking us. And we voted, taking the presidency, the House, and the Senate. In addition, we have taken every special election since the inauguration of Donald Trump.

But the leftist Democrats no longer want to abide by the constitutional principles. They have become so irrationally radical that they would prefer throwing the entire country into a maelstrom of civil war and total social disorder rather than to abide by the results of the election.

Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaffer is now warning that extremism experts are categorizing the Left as radicals in the same fashion as ISIS. They sure found the faux beheading of President Trump by Kathy Griffin to be quite humorous, now didn’t they. They have really enjoyed the enactment of President Trump’s assassination at Shakespeare in the Park. The audience cheers profusely each time the symbolic Trump is assassinated.

Colonel Schaffer is forecasting a bloody civil war as Republicans and people on the Right find no other alternative but to retaliate in self defense. This is surely no surprise to anyone paying attention to the theater occurring before our eyes.

College riots instigated by the Left, violence by Antifa, the shooting of a Congressman, assassination lists of Republicans, Democrat leaders calling for fights in the streets, media elites denigrating the sitting president twenty four hours a day, Hollywood celebrity scumbags wishing for the assassination of President Trump, Trump supporters being attacked, college professors invoking a request for the death of Republicans, a Democrat officer stating that he wishes for Steve Scalise to die, and the Democrat leaders using inflammatory language to put fear in the minds of their base are just typical left-wing behaviors.

This Democrat extremism is exponentially increasing. The uptick in the media obsession with throwing Trump from office has become epidemic.

Perhaps the shooting of Steve Scalise and the Capitol Police response in Alexandria will one day be referred to as the second Fort Sumter. Without a doubt it marked the significance of the Democrats’ complete disregard for the life of the Republicans.

Barring a nuclear attack, a Martian invasion, an EMP, or Divine intervention, this country is going to war with itself. Our leaders have failed us, and it will be put upon the citizenry to restore the republic, which will mean that the Left loses. And they will lose. They are just too irrational and unhinged to even understand the ramifications of what they are promoting.

The common ground on which the Republicans and Democrats once shared has become a giant sinkhole. And if the Left continues spinning out of control, it will swallow us all.

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