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Prior to the American experience with gender fluidity and transgenderism, the European culture has been drenched in the political correctness of the LBGT-LMNOPQRST crowd. Europeans embraced socialism, progressivism, and the wickedness of globalism earlier than their American social counterparts. And they are now beginning to experience the hell of the error of their ways.

Take for example the city of Bristol, England. Drag queens will be reading feminist fairy tales about homophobia and gender fluidity to the students in primary schools and at the library.

Tom Canham, the founder of “Drag Queen Story Time,” says that the project is about drag queens providing fun and inclusive reading for students about misogyny, racism, homophobia, LGBTQ and gender fluidity in a way that the kids can understand.

Oh, I bet they do! Canham, a twenty-five year old call center worker, is excited about the positive response he is getting from the community. He wants to give the children a positive, glamorous, and unabashedly queer role model. According to Canham, they want children to capture the fun and imagination of gender fluidity in childhood.

Canham states that he has had an interest in his program from young and old drag veterans to really fresh queens. He is hopeful that Drag Queen Story Time will be a really positive experience and help to foster new drag talent. How sweet is that?

Call me a skeptic, but I smell a pedophile. Grown men dressed as women, lurking in the library and kindergarten class, want more than to give the children glamorous queer role models.

Exposing children to drag queens and gender fluidity should be criminal, even if it’s not. Schools giving a stage to sexual deviants looking to recruit “really fresh queens” is nefarious and contemptible.

Pedophiles are notorious for worming their way into the lives of children as teachers, scout leaders, coaches, mentors, and various other occupations which give them contact with kids. But once upon a time, we cared enough about our children to shield them from the weirdos of society. We certainly didn’t have to worry about our kids getting involved with drag queens at school.

Tom Canham denies accusations that he and his fellow fruitcakes are pedophiles. I get it, Tom. You’re just a group of fun-loving guys who want to “foster new drag talent”…..your words Tom.

Political correctness has destroyed Europe. The European implosion is inevitable. When citizens allow the perverts to operate within the school system, there is no hope for that culture.

And what about America? On May 25th of this year, New York City School approved the erotic performance of a father at the school’s talent show. The man gyrated, flashed his G-string, and flicked his tongue at the audience as he danced around.

Was the man an interloper who found his way into the school’s talent show? Nope! He was the president of the school Parent Association. I’m sure junior was quite proud of dad.

Unbelievably, the school defended the man’s performance by asserting that it was part of LBGT awareness. Had there been a real man in the audience, he would have beaten the crap out of the pervert for exposing his children to such vulgarity and obscenity.

The New York Times had a piece last month entitled “Drag Queen Story Hour Puts the Rainbow in Reading.” Doesn’t that sound nice and colorful?

The piece highlights the libraries in New York that are signing on to the Drag Queen story time. The program is expanding, and don’t you just know that it’s oh so wonderful?

The Left has stolen the innocence of our children. And if that’s not bad enough, they are putting pedophiles in schools and libraries with small children. The Liberals have opened the doors of the candy store for the LBGT community.

Cometh the Revolution!

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