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Indisputably loud, argumentative, and sometimes obnoxious, Sean Hannity is an abrasive contender if you are anti-American or anti-Trump.
He often interrupts his guests who attempt to use his radio or television programs to advance their agenda. He will not allow the proliferation of nonsense on his show.

Sean was the first media voice to warn of Barack Obama’s radicalism prior to Obama’s White House run in 2008. He exposed Obama’s radical, white-hating pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

Sean rang the alarm for the encroaching Marxist revolutionaries with whom America’s forty fourth president associated. One by one, from the extremist Van Jones to Valerie Jarrett, Sean Hannity detailed their past fanaticism and their influence upon the nation.

Not only is Hannity energetic, but he’s also relentless and never deviates from his message to restore common sense and the republic. Whereas most talk radio and television conservative hosts take scheduled and routine breaks from their broadcasts, Hannity is the rare commentator who seldom misses a show.

When the left-wing Media Matters orchestrated an attack on Hannity’s Fox News program by targeting his sponsors, Hannity returned the aggression with an all out assault. He not only unleashed a tweet storm against these liberal activists, but he came forward, calling them liberal fascists, and asked his audiences for help in fighting their attempt to shut him down.

It was genius, bold, and effective. And Hannity was successful in shutting down the fascists who threatened his career. He was forthright with his audience as he explained to them exactly what the left was attempting to do.

Rather than to work behind the scenes, calmly pretending that his job was secure, he asked for help from his viewers. He put out the SOS, which was something that Bill O’Reilly failed to do. Since Hannity was successful in his fight against Media Matters, O’Reilly has stated that he wishes that he had stayed and fought like Hannity.

But it’s not easy to fight. When you have the wealth to maintain a happy and luxurious lifestyle away from the madness, it is simple to walk away from the headache and frustration of combating the hostility of the Left. Bill walked away, and Hannity chose to fight.

Hannity often talks over his liberal guests who try to use his program to get their message out. I have had many a friend comment that Hannity is rude when he interrupts his guests and rolls over their carefully crafted message. Yes, he is sometimes disrespectful to Liberals who believe they can score a few ideological points with his viewers.

I ask you to consider this. When any Liberal guest agrees or requests to come onto Sean Hannity’s program and debate him, they know what to expect. They know that they are going to be confronted with the quick-as-lightning Hannity and his remarkable debating skills. They know that if he catches them moving off topic to avoid his scrutiny, he will call them out. They know that Hannity will nail them on every false detail that they try to pass off as truth. And they know that he won’t let them spin.

They come onto his show anyway. Why? Because they are hoping that somewhere in the dialogue they can score a point or two. That’s all they are hoping to accomplish. They believe that it is to their advantage to bite the bullet and let Hannity verbally rough them up a bit just to have the exposure and hopefully reach a dozen or two dim-witted viewers. For these Liberals, it’s a numbers game.

Conservatives cannot expect Hannity to graciously allow his progressive guests to spin their way through his interview. He needs to cut them off at the knees, and he does.

Many Republicans, me included, did not like Hannity’s loyalty to Donald Trump during the primary season. As a Cruz supporter, I believed Hannity should have been impartial until the general election. But he wasn’t, and I was at odds with him because of his persistent devotion to Trump.

Nevertheless, Hannity is a fellow Conservative. His objective for the restoration of our constitutional republic is my objective. His desire to expose the communist revolutionaries to all Americans is my desire. He may have disappointed me when he so clearly carried water for Trump in the primary election, but it would be irresponsible and immature for me to hold a grudge against him for what was merely a strategy in a battle of which we are on the same side.

Night after night on his television show, and day after day on his radio show, Sean Hannity is uncompromising as he doggedly fights the Left. If only our Republican lawmakers had fought with the same fierceness and determination that Hannity fights, this country would not be in social collapse.

Pleasantry is not a characteristic of a great leader or warrior. Warriors act with confidence and valor, conviction and courage, passion and certitude. They are not always right, but they are resolute and have a single-minded purpose. Most importantly, they will follow their principles till the death.

So, for all of Hannity’s critics who complain of his hard-nosed style, his unwavering dedication to this president, and his political blitzkrieg against his opponents, I ask, “Have you ever heard of General George Patton, Andrew Jackson, James Mattis, or Stonewall Jackson?”

Warriors, whether on or off the battlefield, fight aggressively and rapidly. They are not interested in popularity. They are interested in winning wars be they ideological, cultural, or spiritual. Very few of us are willing to walk the walk of Sean Hannity. He should be hailed as a hero.

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