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After ten years of being mocked, smeared, and maligned by the fake news mainstream media, Sarah Palin is striking back. And this time it is not with the gloves on.

This time Sarah is not responding to the illegitimate ridicule and contempt, thrown at her by the media thugs, with commentaries and tweets. This time Sarah is going for the jugular, and she is suing New York Times. And she has retained Hulk Hogan’s legal team to take on this worthless liberal rag.

She is suing NYT for defamation of character for irresponsibly and deceptively stating that she is a part of a “sickeningly familiar pattern” of politically motivated violence. They erroneously reported that she had incited the 2011 shooting of Gabby Giffords, knowing that there was no truth to the connection between Palin and the shooter’s motives.

The Times story that Palin had somehow influenced the shooter, Jared Loughner, was debunked years ago, yet truth is no longer important to the New York Times as they have a progressive agenda to advance. They were desperately seeking to downplay the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise in Alexandria, Virginia by Leftie James Hodgkinson when they inserted an “Oh yeah, well your side does it too.”

From the moment that Palin became John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential campaign, the media was at her throat. She was not a part of the establishment, she had the conservative enthusiasm that McCain lacked, she was unafraid to speak the truth, and she was a threat to both the Democrat and Republican establishments.

Sarah did not have the makings of a D.C. Swamp creature, and the Washington players knew it, by golly. Every spigot in Hollywood, the media, and the political landscape was turned on as the elites tried to wash Sarah down the drain.

But Sarah was a fighter. It wasn’t going to be easy to make this lady just go away. Just as Donald Trump is finding out now, Sarah learned that the forces from her own party were among her political enemies.

She became the target of late night shows with Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey portraying Sarah as a dimwit. David Letterman made a sex joke on air about Sarah’s daughter while calling Sarah a slut. Bill Maher called Sarah a cu*t.

Katie Couric degraded Sarah in a gotcha interview while her so-called Republican vice-presidential handlers allowed the assaults to continue. McCain’s team did not come to Palin’s defense nor did they prepare her for interviews. Like Trump, she was new to Washington, and she was na├»ve as to the savagery of these elitist beasts.

Media report after media report characterized Sarah as a dummy. Her refreshing, homespun middle America appeal was disregarded as unsophisticated stupidity.

Sarah Palin was a conservative, and she was not one of the Establishment’s beautiful people. She was objectionable, because she was a woman who dared to be pro-life, and she was refreshingly blunt about the Left’s embrace of socialism.

She had a target on her head from the first moment she accepted John McCain’s offer. While the media eventually succeeded in destroying her national political career, with the help of some of her family, she held strong for years.

And now, after bowing out of national politics, the New York Times wants to use Sarah to whitewash the Left’s affinity for violence. As Hollywood Liberals, state and national Democrat leaders, progressive college goons, and communist thugs gear into action for violence around the nation, the NYT decided to hold Palin up as an example of the inspiration for right-wing violence.

This time, Sarah has thrown down the gauntlet “big league.” She’s not messing around with tweets or opinion pieces in the fake news press. She’s bearing her teeth and going for the jugular.

Thata girl, Sarah! Sink those teeth into the New York Times and rip back the flesh. Drain the lifeblood right out of that pathetic example of journalism. Expose their lack of journalistic integrity and their communist agenda.

Will Dracula Palin be successful in her blood-letting of The New York Times? You betcha!

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