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Bring on the violin players as the sob stories begin for Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. The MSNBC stars of “Morning Joe” have had their baby feelings hurt as President Trump went on the Twitter attack and revealed Mika’s facelift and the duo’s request for an invitation to Mar-a-lago.

Let’s me get this straight. Morning after morning, Joe Scarborough and his mistress, I mean fiancĂ©, Mika Brzezinski, have used their sitcom, disguised as a news program, to insult Conservatives and President Trump.

Mika has called the president a dictator, and Joe has compared him to a kid who poops his pants. The not-so charming couple, who were having a public affair while married, have joined the “Pile on Trump” club.

And now they are just horrified that Trump would speak of Mika’s facelift. I can’t speak for all women, but as for myself, I would rather have it broadcasted that I had a facelift than for the hosts of a cable morning show to say that I pooped my pants…..just sayin’. I mean, call me old fashioned, but the suggestion of someone having a facelift has a better ring to it than the said person messing in their pants.

Joe Scarborough and his gal, Mika, knew that Donald Trump was a counterpuncher. They have seen it repeatedly. Yet, they used their program to denounce and humiliate this president day after day. And now we are supposed to be shocked that Trump hit back? I don’t think so.

Scarborough’s continued assaults on Trump were reflective of his extreme hubris or his stupidity.

The outrage shown by the media regarding Trump’s tweet about Brzezinski is just more of the same rhetoric by the hypocritical media. The media elites have this unspoken rule that they can engage in deliberate character assassinations on public figures as well as innocent people who interfere with their progressive agenda.

But the media bullies consider themselves to be off limits. They will dig up every piece of trash they can find on Donald Trump, and if they can’t find it, they make it up…can you say “dossier?” Can you say, “Russian collusion?”

Which is worse, revealing that someone had a facelift or falsifying stories about a president colluding with a foreign enemy and obstructing justice? Getting a facelift doesn’t get you jail time.

CNN producer John Bonfield was caught on video admitting that the Trump-Russian story is fake and designed to bump ratings. CNN’s Van Jones admitted on video that the Russian hack story is fake and that the Russian-Trump story is a nothingburger.

But that’s not important. The media isn’t interested in truth. They are dedicated to pushing a left-wing ideology and ratings. That’s all folks!

CNN’s whiny White House correspondent Jim Acosta has been on a crying jag the past few weeks as he is realizing that he is no longer the king of the White House press briefing. He has learned that the front row seats at the briefing aren’t always reserved for him.

And then when Acosta learned that there would be no cameras allowed at some of the conferences, well all I can say is “Katy bar the door and get out a case of tissue,” because the tears are streaming. He gave an emotional report to his CNN colleagues, claiming that turning off the cameras was unprecedented at the White House meetings……..which was just another example of fake news and the lyin’ Acosta. Bill Clinton’s administration also held meetings with the press in which the cameras were not allowed.

Oh, but that’s right. If Acosta mentioned that Clinton had the same policy as Trump, it would ruin his narrative that Trump is a dictator and hiding the truth from the people. Once again, Acosta relies on fake news to deliver a deceptive report to the CNN audience.

Strategically, the Trump administration had the cameras turned off for the very purpose of not giving phony journalists like Acosta an opportunity to grandstand with their indignant line of questioning and propaganda-inspired interrogatories. And they successfully gave Acosta the space and rope to hang himself. Until Trump so ingeniously began to create circumstances for reporters to expose their own biases, I had no idea that Acosta was such a pansy.

But the absolute hypocrisy of the media now decrying that they are fearful for their lives has to be the winner of the annual award for poetic justice. After two years of inciting violence against Donald Trump and Republicans, the egocentric journalists are now whining about being killed because of Donald Trump revealing their fake news.

The same knee-shaking journalists who are accusing Trump of putting them in danger had no problem with Kathy Griffin’s depiction of a decapitated Trump. They had no issue with the Trump assassination at “Shakespeare at the Park.” There was no journalistic outrage over the repeated calls for Trump’s death or the celebrity shout-outs inciting violence against a sitting president.

How many of the journalists fearing for their lives condemned Madonna for wanting to blow up President Trump and his family? I dare say none. They only cry foul when the tables are turned.

Despite the elite media rhetoric, lies, and propaganda, the people respect this president and distrust the media. The media game has boomeranged.

As a teacher, I have seen time and time again……it is always the bullies who cry the loudest. They gather together with their cohorts and go after someone they believe is either too weak to fight back or not in the position to fight back.

But when they are challenged and confronted with the consequences of their bullying, they always cry the hardest. They are always the most outraged that someone would dare to dispute their authority.

President Donald Trump has defied the fake news media. He is playing their game, singlehandedly, better than they play it. It is one man against thousands, and he will win.

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