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Fox is reporting that 71% of Trump supporters want him to tone down his message, as in tweeting insulting messages. And I will state right here that I am not one of those supporters who wants him to close out his Twitter account.

Donald Trump is forcing the mainstream media to engage in tactics publicly that they are used to doing behind closed doors. Does anyone really believe that Morning Joe and his gal Mika did not know what they were doing every morning when they opened their mouths and mocked President Trump? Were they so naïve that they believed that they could deliberately and relentlessly use contemptuous and provocative language without a response from the man who boasts that he counterpunches with ten times the strength as the guy who throws the first punch?

Mika-Joe were looking for a ratings bonanza. “Morning Joe” needed a bump and what better way to draw attention to his show than to position yourself as Trump’s nemesis. At least that is what they thought, erroneously.

Let’s say that the MSNBC power couple are the sophisticated, respectable couple that we are being told we are to believe. Let’s pretend that Joe didn’t say that this president of the United States pooped his pants. And while we are playing pretend we will forget that Mika called Trump a dictator.

So, why would they postpone their vacation so that they could host their show today and respond to Trump? They wouldn’t if they were not trying to incite more combative exchanges between themselves and Trump. Had Mika-Joe been the mature, dignified hosts, they would have ignored Trump’s tweets. But if they did that, their ratings wouldn’t get the spike.

Like every other time Donald Trump has pushed he envelope and engaged in what appears to many people to be childish antics, we hear his detractors say, “Oh, this makes him look really bad. He is hurting his image. He is so unpresidential. Blah, blah, blah!” I’ve heard it all before. And then on the next round of popularity polls, Trump gets the bump.

Am I impressed with President Trump’s inclination to insult his adversaries via tweeting? Not really. But I am impressed with his resilience in the fight. I am impressed with his willingness to throw everything he’s got at those people who publicly announce themselves to be his enemies.

Never before has any president been so disgustingly disparaged and abused by his political enemies and the media. It’s one thing to criticize a sitting president for his policies, but it’s another to berate him for liking two scoops of ice cream with his pie. And it’s abominable to ridicule his young son.

Today, the very courageous James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, has released a new video of a CNN associate producer, Jimmy Carr, mocking Trump and stating that voters are as “stupid as sh*t.” He also declares that Kelly Anne Conway looks like she got hit by a shovel.

Carr admits that the anti-Trump views are shared by 90% of the people who work at CNN, adding that Trump is “just fuc*ing crazy.”

Earlier this week Project Veritas captured Van Jones on video proclaiming that the Russian collusion story is a nothingburger. Another video reveals a CNN producer confessing that the Russian/Trump story is mostly bullsh*t.

The failing New York Times is laying off 100 editors and lamenting that it is a humiliating process. And in the midst of the restructuring and decrease in staffing, former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin files a libel lawsuit against the “Old Gray Hag”, otherwise known as the NYT.

President Trump’s tweets, as hostile and inappropriate as they may seem, are not injurious to his brand, although the establishment wants to convince us that he is irreparably damaging his presidency. If Bill Clinton can get a blow job in the Oval Office and become best friends with George H.W. and George W. Bush, then I’m not disturbed by Trump tweeting that Mika Brzezinski had a facelift.

The fake news media is in a free fall. They are corrupt. The insiders within the media establishment know they are corrupt. Never before has this vicious and unscrupulous institution, which has been assigned the task of truth-telling, been exposed for its prevailing deception.

Trump’s tweets are a calculative maneuver in the fight against fake news. He is drawing them out and forcing them to “go low” in the light of day. The fake news media always “goes low,” but they do it in the cloak of darkness.

President Trump is the mad scientist who is eccentric but has a winning and ingenious game plan. He knows what he is doing with his tasteless tweets. And with them, he will help to bring down the dishonest establishment media.

Morning Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski knew what they were doing when they day-after-day slammed President Trump. They were intentionally inviting, no, make that “begging” for the counterpunch president to return their fire. And he did, but only after months of attacks and much consideration.

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