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Aside from the obvious Marxist agenda of the Democrat Party, our republic is in a state of social, political, and spiritual collapse, because the conservative members of society did not engage in the culture war until far late into the game. The Left had the progressive ball on the Right’s twenty yard line before the Conservatives had even suited up.

Why did the Republicans wait so long to launch a defense against the anti-American forces? 1) The Democrat platform was so absurd that Republicans were in a state of denial 2) They erroneously assumed that Republican lawmakers were vigorously fighting back against the degeneracy of liberal policy 3)The corruption in the media had reached epidemic proportions resulting in fake news and undisclosed significant news stories which would reveal the final destination of progressivism 4) The majority of Conservatives were so busy working that they were not fully aware of the encroaching perils to their liberties 5) They were overwhelmed with the magnitude of the enemy within, and 6) They had no leader advising them as to how to fight back.

But one of the most compelling reasons that the Republicans have allowed the Democrats to threaten the very existence of American sovereignty and make great strides in their push for globalism is that Conservatives are not comfortable leaving the high road.

While always taking to the high road is an admirable objective, it is one which will not only drag out the fight, therefore bringing about more casualties in terms of freedoms lost, but staying on the high road at all costs is self-destructive behavior.

As offensive as it may be to Conservatives, going low can be a game changer. The Liberals are masters of behavior modification. They have studied their enemies, that being Conservatives. They understand that Conservatives want to remain on the high road.

But Liberals travel on the low road. As disciples of Saul Alinsky, they have been taught that going low will advance their globalist, communist agenda. They survive on the low road, because few Conservatives dare to stray from their moral high ground in active pursuit of the liberal lowlife. Liberals understand how Conservatives think, but Conservatives don’t understand how Liberals think.

Ask yourself why the left-wing fake news media is having a meltdown regarding the Trump presidency. Could it be that for the first time in their pathetic and dishonorable careers, their enemy attacked them on their home soil? They aren’t use to fighting on their own turf. They are like snakes who come out of their holes for a venomous attack and then return to their den.

But this guy Trump has taken to their road and followed them back to their hole for fumigation. He is immune to their venom, but they are not immune to his. They aren’t use to retaliatory bites, and they are recoiling in shock.

As a realist, I have difficulty comprehending why so many Conservatives are appalled by Donald Trump’s tweets. Sure, I agree that it is an unsophisticated manner of attacking his enemies. And I understand that it is deemed as unpresidential.

It would be accurate to state that Trump goes low when he tweets insults. But they work. Every single time that Trump has been excoriated for what is touted as a new low for his tweeting, he gets results. Just ask Megyn Kelly why her career is struggling.

Yesterday, I was amazed at the Conservatives who were so outraged at Trump’s tweet about Mika Brzezinski’s facelift. Oh, the horror of it all! The righteous indignation was nauseating.

And I was particularly surprised that the men found it so offensive. Good heavens, fellas. I thought that at least the men would know how a battle against evil is fought.

Goody Two Shoes never one a war or battle. Have we become such pansies that we don’t even recognize what our special forces do to keep us safe?

Every moment of every day, there are brave men and women travelling the low road all across the world in their quest to keep Americans secure. They are moral men and women who dare to go low so as to destroy the enemy. They assassinate evil men.

These men and women live in the darkness and literally go into hell to exterminate the vermin who threaten this nation’s security.

Many go undercover and perform acts which most Conservatives would find to be appalling. But they are heroes, even though they lie, cheat, steal, and murder. They are clandestine agents, and they live low so that Americans can live high.

Unfortunately, few of us even appreciate what goes on in the name of securing and maintaining liberty. We gasp at a meaningless war of words between an eccentric president and a corrupt establishment.

If Conservatives expect to defeat the globalist Left, they had better change their perspective and learn how to fight. Chewing on your fingernails and bemoaning President Trump’s unconventional style for defending himself against an all out assault by the media is counterproductive, assuming you want to win this war for the country.

The survival of the republic is at stake. Conservatives can either continue to dwell in the field of pansies or fight to win. Those are the only two choices!

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