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Breaking news on Redstatewatcher: “President Trump Makes Decision on Using Social Media”, and that decision is that he will continue to use social media to bypass the fake news media. Meanwhile, many Conservatives are moaning and groaning that Trump’s tweets are an embarrassment to them.

During the past few days, the media, and of course social media have been saturated with condemnation of Trump’s tweeting directed at Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, specifically his ratting Mika out for her facelift. Considering the outrage on parade all across the media and from NeverTrumpers on both sides of the ideological divide, you would have thought that Trump had called for Brzezinski’s assassination or something crazy like that.

Oh, that’s right. It wasn’t Trump calling for an assassination, it was Chris Mathews suggesting that Trump’s son-in-law should be assassinated because of his position as a Trump adviser. Mathews called it nepotism. But there’s just a wee little problem with Mathews’ reference to nepotism, that being that Kushner works free as does his wife Ivanka.

Mathews said that the one good thing that Mussolini did was to execute his son-in-law, Ciano. Mathews believes that nepotism is a threat to democracy. Again, Kushner and his wife are First family volunteers, not paid staffers.

But if Mathews credited Kushner for his pro bono service, then he wouldn’t be able to insinuate Kushner’s assassination to save the democracy. Silly me! Whatever was I thinking when I expected Mathews to refrain from hinting about a hit on Kushner?

Conservatives are so preoccupied railing and ranting about Trump’s disrespect for Mika that they have given little attention to Mathews and his mob mentality. They have become desensitized to the death threats on Trump and his family, but continue to become incensed with the trivial, but admittedly, unnecessary, Trump tweets.

I have written a lot about Trump’s tweeting during the past few days, because I continue to be puzzled by the public reaction to just another typical Trump Twitter. Where is Bill Murray, because I must be caught up in “Ground Hog Day.”

This “Oh my gosh, Trump tweeted another insult” attitude by Conservatives just may be escalating into the conservative version of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Conservatives are beating their chests and howling at the moon each time Trump insults another on of his attackers.

My question is twofold. First, do you really think Trump is going to stop taking verbal aim at his critics who are literally making their living endangering his and his family’s lives? He is reacting like all of us wish we could if we were in his place. But unlike us, he isn’t worried about looking stupid.

Secondly, where is the perspective? President Trump did not tweet that he hoped Mika died. He didn’t tweet that the country would be better off with her dead. His suggesting that Mika had a facelift was no different that her saying on air that he wears a toupe, which he doesn’t.

But that was okay, because he’s a man, and it’s okay to ridicule men. Right, feminists? It’s okay to mock a man for his hair, isn’t it. The hypocrisy is astounding.

I don’t defend Trump’s tweets, because I think they are irrelevant and senseless. Actually, I must admit that I think they are funny, because I enjoy witnessing the show that follows. It’s like everyone is surprised that Trump tweeted another insult.

However, I am concerned that Conservatives spend more time reacting to Trump’s tweets than they do acknowledging and publicly praising his many accomplishments. The same Conservatives who take the time to blast Trump for his tweets, seldom if ever, take the time to write a brief narrative on social media reminding us all that he has carried through with many of his promises.

Why is that Conservatives? I expect the Democrats to dwell on Trump’s tweets, but not those who reside ideologically on his side. Conservatives disagreeing with Trump’s tweets is one thing, but heatedly debating Trump’s tweeting is pointless and is politically destructive for the Right.

Why are Conservatives willing to set aside time to go after President Trump for his tweets, but never bother to publicly applaud him for his dedication and work ethic, his determination to stop the Progressives, and his delivered promises?

President Trump is not going to stop his tweeting, and the Left is not going to stop calling for his assassination. Conservatives would do well to focus on the vile, ungodly words coming from their mouths instead of foolish comments on Twitter by this president.

It’s called perspective!

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  1. I don’t believe their 70% polling data on not liking Trump Tweets. I for one, love them. It’s a tool he uses masterfully. And everyone I talk to love his Tweets. He’s not going to stop, nor should he stop. The 71 year old is using Social Media to take his message unedited by the vile and biased media straight to the people. Keep Tweeting President Trump! You are too awesome for the media and your haters.

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