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It’s an all out war between President Trump and the fake news media. As the battle kicks into high gear, the media gulps down some Xanax while Trump goes on his merry way with his business at hand. Unfazed by the uproar and outcries from outraged NeverTrumpers, some of his supporters, the entire establishment, and of course, the fake news media, Trump reminds his aggressors that he plays to win.

Releasing a video parodying himself body-slamming CNN, on this Fourth of July weekend, President Trump declares his independence from the corporate media. And in the meantime the media squirms and objects to the same treatment that it has subjected to Trump for months if not years.

The media’s job is not about reporting the truth, you silly goose. Making and breaking people is the media’s job, and they decided to break Donald Trump before he was ever inaugurated. And now they are outraged, because they took on a man who is willing to go to the mat to stop them.

Who among us would tolerate or be able to withstand the lies and personal attacks thrown at us twenty-four hours a day, every day? The Russian collusion story, the Russian dossier, the James Comey lies, the investigations, the calls for impeachment before he even took office, the leaks, the Deep State attacks, and the death threats upon himself and family members are just a few examples of hostility Trump encounters routinely.

I daresay that there is not a man or woman alive who has been the prey of the media vultures to the extent that President Trump has experienced. And don’t tell me that he should ignore this constant, never-ending barrage of nastiness brought on by the media hounds. Each and every one of us would be falling apart under this pressure as expected and understandable.

But we don’t have the resources and battle experience to fight them appropriately and effectively. Donald Trump does, and I believe he knows what he is doing and is doing it strategically.

Left-wing columnist for New York Times, Maureen Dowd, wrote today that Trump is a pig. NBC is screaming that conservative media is polarizing the country.

The media is freaking out, because Donald J. Trump has them on the run. And they will lose. But still tucked away in middle America, many Conservatives are covering their ears and eyes, because they can’t stand Trump’s tactics.

This is a war people. We are in a civil war which is presently being fought with words. But like it or not, the takedown of mainstream fake news media must occur for America to right itself.

Our politicians are bad, but our media is worse. Politicians must be kept in line by the media, and when the media becomes as corrupt as our media has become, it must be dismantled. It must be exposed. And we are in that process now.

You may not like the way it is being fought, but war ain’t pretty. The people weren’t fond of George Patton’s personality either, but we would have lost WWII without him.

If you can’t handle Trump’s tweets, cover your ears and close your eyes. They aren’t for the faint of heart. Your only other choice is to reach for the vapors.

The courageous James O’Keefe stated that this is the year that we end fake news. President Trump is digging its grave.

They won’t be picking his bones. He refuses to be their roadkill.


  1. I couldn’t agree more Judy. Keep Tweeting and reaching your zillions of followers Trump! You’re reaching the young that get their news from social media. Your knock out video Tweet was a nice touch of humor ! While you Tweeted about Mika and Joe, the media missed the 3 pieces of legislation you passed that they wouldn’t have covered anyway even though 27 Libs voted for Kate’s Law. George W got abused by the media and he never pushed back so people bought into the narrative the media spun and we got Barack Hussein Obama. Never let the media define you and Trump definitely will NOT.

    • Charlene, George W. Bush’s attitude of not stooping to the level of his detractors and the media was so frustrating to me. You are exactly right. By not responding to the media lies, he let the media define him and push a “fake news” narrative. If media lies aren’t challenged, they stand as truth, and it is irresponsible for those in power to allow corrupt journalists to manipulate the minds of the people with propaganda. Good governance depends on the people getting accurate information, and good leaders must insist that the people receive the truth in reporting.

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