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There is a method to what many believe is Donald Trump’s madness. But you can take this to the bank, “Donald Trump is not mentally ill, crazy, or stupid.” He may be eccentric and definitely an unusual player in the body politic, but he ain’t riding on the crazy train like the establishment wants you to believe.

Donald Trump likes to boast that he’s a winner, which he is. But he’s not a winner by happenstance. He’s a winner, because he is shrewd, and he uses the strategy of psychological warfare. Trump uses actions and words against his enemies which reduces their morale, thus putting them in a position of weakness.

Psychological warfare is not a complicated concept. And Trump’s strategy of inflicting repeated assaults of insults upon his enemies, especially in the media, is a winner.

The objective of psychological warfare is to suppress the morale of the enemy so as to not only weaken their resolve but to emotionally cripple them and depress their spirit. This method of warfare has been used for centuries.

Barack Obama and the Progressives used it against the Conservatives. They bombarded our psyches with so many outlandish policies, social and cultural changes, and anti-American programs that they had us in a tailspin. Conservatives didn’t fight back against the Democrats and Progressives, but not because they are cowards.

They didn’t fight back, because they were overwhelmed with the planned and carefully crafted propaganda techniques used by the Left to control them. When the average person is confronted with so much overpowering stimuli coming at them, they become paralyzed in a state of inaction. They don’t think clearly, and have no point of reference from which to begin to fight.

The Left has used psychological warfare against the Right for decades, but they gained momentum during the George W. Bush administration, because Bush felt it was beneath his dignity to fight back against his detractors. And this decision was a major setback for the Right. Bush, singlehandedly, gave the fake news media his permission to promote lies for truth.

So many Conservatives are outraged by President Trump’s tweets, which are little more than silly and insulting. And I have a question for them. Do you want to win this war against the Left on or off the battlefield? Because you can’t avoid violence if you don’t get the fake news media under control. This civil war is either going to be a battle of the wits or a battle of the fists.

You whine about the president being unpresidential with his language and tweeting. He is indeed unprecedented in his tactics. But had the Republican Congress and Republican base challenged the fake news media, rather than to be complicit with an institution of deception which was indoctrinating the public, Trump’s aggression wouldn’t be necessary, now, would it?

Conservatives, did you believe draining the swamp would be easy? Did you believe that the swamp creatures wouldn’t fight back to maintain the power that they have accumulated during the past three decades? Surely, you weren’t so na├»ve as to believe that you were going to sit back and watch the Republican Congress and President Trump roll back the progressive policy which has been choking We the People.

The election of Donald Trump was the easy part of the fight. We are in a war for America, and if Conservatives believe it is going to be fought with graciousness and civility, they are truly gullible.

President Trump is showing Conservatives how a war is fought. And I am not referring to tweeting. You fight with intensity, relentlessly, and with the gut punch. You don’t worry about looking stupid or childish with your aim.

But I am beginning to wonder if Conservatives have the stomach for the fight. It doesn’t appear so. They don’t want ugly. They want a nice little political reformation, and a “let’s all get along ” president. Newsflash, guys, that wasn’t who you elected.

You elected the guy that you knew was the street fighter. You elected the guy that you had seen tweeting insults to his fellow GOP presidential contenders. In fact, many of the original Trump supporters, people who supported Trump in the primary while I was supporting Cruz, now have their feathers ruffled with Trump’s tweeting. You knew who he was when you pulled the lever.

The fake news media is coming a part at the seams. They are obsessed with everything Trump, and their desire to destroy him. Fake news anchors and contributors are routinely using vulgarity on air as they distress over their dwindling influence in the political environment.

By using psychological warfare, President Trump has unclothed these people. They must reveal their naked persona, not their glamorized illusions, to combat him. And it’s not working.

America is in a state of collapse because of the psychological warfare that the Left has used on the populace for decades. Trump hit the brakes on this runaway train and reversed directions. Did you believe you wouldn’t feel a jolt? Get a grip and hold on!

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  1. The conservatives coalesced behind the free market, smaller government, less tax agenda of the Tea Party. Then they were torn apart by the lies and deception of the left fake news of Tea Party terrorism, racism, hate, and religious fanaticism. The same method Judy describes and is being used against Trump. The conservatives need that Tea Party activism back to counter the organized liberal protests that truly riot and destroy. The Democratic Party of Hate and Division is organized and in the process of destroying America… continuing to divide and deceive the people with their lies and hate.

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