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Kim Jong-un may appear to be just a pesky runt, but the bats in the miniature dictator’s belfry range in the millions. Just like his dad, Kim Jong-Il, Un’s mental state is infested with rodents.

Jong-un has been the supreme leader of North Korea since his dad died in 2011, when he became chief Lilliputian of the Democrat People’s Republic of Korea just north of the heavily fortified Korean Demilitarized Zone. He is infamous for his human rights violations. He brutally suppresses and starves his own people.

In February of this year, Kim’s half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, was poisoned in Malaysia where he had been living in exile. He was a critic of his brother Jong-un. Who could possibly have murdered poor Jong-nam?

Jong-un has continued the weapon-testing programs originated by his father. In 2013 he held the country’s third nuclear test underground. By 2016 North Korea had conducted five underground nuclear tests despite sanctions by the United States and the call for North Korea’s denuclearization by many other countries.

The delusional and militaristic Jong-un considers himself to be a formidable world leader, and he is attempting to position himself as such.

Just weeks ago an America family, the Warmbier’s, buried their young son Otto after the twenty-two year old had been arrested in North Korea last year for taking a poster. Otto’s sentence was fifteen years of hard labor, but someone in Jong-un’s regime decided that beating in the brains of Otto Warmbier was a more fitting punishment. They sent the boy home in a vegetative comatose state where he died just days later.

Any questions about the barbaric savagery of Kim Jong-un can be answered by the Warmbier family. Otto’s death should be engraved in the minds of all Americans. His torture epitomizes the inhumanity of Kim Jong-un’s North Korea.

The threat of Jong-un is tenfold that of his father, Jong-Il. He has launched more missiles in one year than his daddy dearest tested in seventeen years.

Today North Korea announced that they have tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile which could reach Alaska. Notably, it is on America’s celebratory Independence Day.

But sadly, the people of North Korea do not have an independence day to celebrate. Thanks to dictators like Kim Jong-un, they remain oppressed and hungry. Some barely survive in concentration camps for daring to question the supreme leader.

President Trump will have to make a hard decision soon as to how he intends to respond to this rogue nation with the unstable and viperous leader. If China cannot intervene with an acceptable outcome, Trump will be faced with the inevitability of a strike against North Korea.

Both South Korea and Japan are within moments of becoming ground zero once “Captain Bat-sh*t Crazy” gets a wild hair and decides to cut loose with the big one.

Heavens knows we sure don’t want a war with North Korea, or any other nation for that matter. But sometimes we are left with no alternatives when we are trying to make nice with a treacherous tyrant. The half pint despot is psychotic and capable of unimaginable atrocities.

Kim Jong-un may look like South Park’s Cartmann, but believe me, “He ain’t no Eric Cartman!” He must be taken seriously.

Either Kim backs off real soon, like the day before yesterday, or he’s going to figure out that he isn’t quite as tough as he thought. He’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’ and an ass kicking too.

North Korea must be dealt with sooner or later. And all I can say is, “When the time comes, President Trump, do it for Otto.”


  1. The Otto story shakes me to the core. My girlfriend went to high school with his dad. They need to stop all Tour Packages to crazy places. That being said, the fat child needs to be poisoned. Maybe Dennis Rodman can do the world a favor.

    • I agree that the tours to crazy places should be stopped. And in my opinion, anyone going abroad or to Mexico is risking his or her life frivolously. Remember when the Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi accidentally went into Mexico because the signs were confusing, and he had guns in his car. They abused that poor guy, and if I remember correctly, Trump, who wasn’t even president at the time, helped to get him out. There are many Americans in prisons in places like Turkey who are just arrested while travelling through those countries. And their punishments and prison sentences for misdemeanors are atrocious, often with years in prison or hard labor. I had a friend who went to the Holy Lands a few years ago, and on her way back she was in customs at one of the Middle Eastern countries, and they took her vile of water from the River Jordan and made a big issue of it. It really scared her. She said that for a period of time she thought they were going to arrest her. I believe many foreigners spot Americans in their country and have an immediate dislike for them. American citizens are clueless as to how lucky they are to live in America.

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