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Just days after the fake news media throws a crying jag about Donald Trump’s facetious tweets, Maxine Waters reminds us of the utter hypocrisy consuming the Left, which includes the mainstream media.

Waters has spent the past six months taking to the fake news media circuit promoting the impeachment of President Donald Trump. And for what reason? Well, she really doesn’t have one. But in the Land of the Democrat Lost, you don’t need justification for throwing a president out of office. The fact that he won and you lost is enough for these wackos.

Since Trump’s presidential victory, Waters has had more media face time than she has in her entire political career. And that in itself should tell the electorate that the Democrat Party is in jeopardy. The party is reduced to the likes of this toad as a figurehead.

In the name of heaven, who in their right mind could listen to Maxine Waters and vote for her? Nobody. You would have to be an idiot to vote for this nitwit, or dead.

But I digress. Back to Maxine’s latest rant. This woman, who reminds me of James Brown in drag, is such a mental midget that she dared to not only question the esteemed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson’s integrity, but she suggested that his intellect was suffering and that he didn’t know an immigrant from a slave.

The likes of lowlife like Waters, who is inarguably the most corrupt and unethical member of Congress, suggesting that the doctor who disjoined twins at the head is somehow ignorant, is akin to suggesting that Waters is capable of singing “Papa’s Gotta Brand New Bag.”

Waters sits as a ranking member on the Financial Services Committee (God Save the Republic), and she stated in reference to Dr. Carson, “If he thinks he’s going to come before my committee, that I am going to give him a pass…….I am going to take his as* apart.”

Waters made the comment at the New Orleans annual Essence Festival. She also mentioned President Trump, and said that she was ready to take the gloves off. Lordy, does this mean we should be afraid?

Come to think of it, it is rather frightening to think of a woman like Maxine Brown, I mean Waters, heading up any committee, but the Financial Service Committee? Mercy!

From all reports, the fake news media has not been concerned about Waters’ threat of violence against Dr. Carson. Could it be because he’s just a Republican. But then, they would have to take time away from their assaults on President Trump to address Waters’ lunacy. And secondly, I think they would like to see Waters’ tear Ben Carson’s as* apart.

Maxine Waters isn’t the only deadhead Democrat in Congress. Most of them are. But Maxine’s just especially stupid. Runner-ups would be…..Coming in Fifth place- Illinois Representative Bobby Rush…..Fourth runner-up would be Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee……..Coming in at a close third is former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi……..But my personal favorite and coming in at a close second to Waters, is Georgia Representative Hank Johnson who is on public record for his concerns that the island of Guam will tip over.

The reality of a Maxine Waters as a lawmaker is the signal to all Americans that our republic is teetering. One need not look further than her to understand that our nation is not being served well. The thoughts of House Speaker Ryan saying, “Madame Idiot now has the floor” is spine-tingling.

Today, I give a special warning to Dr. Ben Carson, “Hold onto your butt, Dr. Carson. Maxine Waters is threatening to rip it right off of your body.” And just knowing her mental capabilities, I think she might just try to do it.

God Bless Dr. Carson and America!

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  1. Hank Johnson needs to be higher up the list. Lol! Being 4th of July, I believe I will post his famous Guam YouTube video of political idiots.

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