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When Sarah Palin said that Obamacare would lead to death panels, she was right. Obamacare, which is the first phase of single-payer socialized medicine, will be the pathway to euthanasia. And if there are any doubts to that assertion, all I can say is, “Have you not been following the sad story of Charlie Gard.”

In what would conceivably be a story from Hitler’s Germany, the narrative of Charlie Gard is the tragic chronicle of a little eleven month old British baby who suffers from mitochondrial depletion syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder that leaves its victims with little hope for recovery.

So, as always happens with socialized medicine, the government gets to decide whether baby Charlie gets his shot at life. In America, privatized hospitalization still has a firm footing, and the families of loved ones with fatalistic diseases or diseases requiring expensive treatments can make the decisions regarding treatment and life or death outcomes.

But this isn’t to be the case with the family of Charlie Gard. The British government has decided to embrace euthanasia in Charlie’s case. Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and the courts have decided that it is time to remove Charlie from life support. Rather than to let God have his say in the determination of Charlie’s fate, the progressive/Marxist ideologues have taken over at the helm of life and death matters.

Of course, here comes the Progressive Left arguing that Charlie must be relieved from his suffering and that Charlie must be allowed to die with dignity. Dignity? Are you kidding me? What eleven month old baby, who is messing in his diapers, has concerns for his own dignity?

In truth, the British courts have no concern for Charlie’s dignity or even his welfare. They are only interested in their expansion of power as they move into the next stages of socialized medicine which is the death panels that rule on the worthiness of a life.

The Left and even some on the Right will argue that the system can’t afford the cost of keeping the baby alive. But this is a bogus argument as the money is no longer an issue and neither is the inevitability of Charlie’s death.

Mitochondrial depletion syndrome is presently being studied here in the United States, and the research has led to experimental treatments of which Charlie Gard is a possible candidate. Charlie’s parents have raised 1.6 million dollars for Charlie’s care, and they want to leave London and travel to the United States at their own expense to enter Charlie in a program of experimentation.

Appallingly, the British government will not allow them to use their own money to take Charlie from the hospital and seek better more advanced treatment. Is Britain now Cuba? Is Britain now East Berlin? Is Britain now Moscow>

It is inconceivable that in the westernized nation of England, the totalitarian practice of euthanizing babies is being ordered by the courts when the parents are capable of continuing the baby’s life from their own purse as they search for a miracle. These parents are not asking anyone to foot the bill while they search for a means to save the life of their child.

In essence, Britain is holding the Gard baby hostage, against the will of the parents. As always happens with any movement which springs from the bowels of Marxist ideology, parents lose their authority as the guardians of their own children.

Let it sink in…socialized medicine in England allows the hospital to refuse to discharge a child, even if it means letting the child die at home. It is a classic case of the authoritarian rule of universal or single-payer healthcare.

When the state decides the worth of a life, every citizen should be trembling. And Obamacare is the first step of single-payer healthcare. Barack Obama has been quoted and is on video admitting that the endgame for Obamacare is single-payer. And not surprisingly, most Americans have been so dumbed down that they don’t even understand the concept of single-payer.

Americans have been given a gift just as the fate of Obamacare has once again become the focus of lawmakers. While Democrats and a few Republicans continue to push their radical agenda of the eventual single-payer, those Republicans wanting to completely repeal the monstrosity of healthcare madness have the perfect opportunity to detail the bill which leads to euthanasia.

They need only say these words, “Charlie Gard.”

I am a firm believer that every life has meaning and a purpose, no matter if it is a short or long-lived life. Every life touches someone and is a spirit on a mission in God’s master plan for this world.

The medical bureaucracy of England regards Charlie Gard as a life not worth saving, but God had different plans for that little soul inflicted with mitochondrial depletion syndrome. The life of the little boy whose name reaches from the Vatican to the White House just may be the angel whose story influences the fate of Obamacare. A little baby from England may be the inspiration for a reawakening of the respect for life.

Charlie is the evidence that death panels do indeed exist in socialized medicine. And they are hidden deep in the text of Obamacare. But are Americans too self-absorbed to even care? Only time will tell.

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