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I am losing my patience with the deceptive, irresponsible, and depraved thinking of the Left and the progressive media propagandists. The damage that these utopian-seeking, sex-obsessed freaks are inflicting on our children is beyond catastrophic. It is diabolical.

There is no lie too big or too incredible for the Democrats and their left-wing counterparts throughout the world to float as truth. As the Democrats themselves will so gleefully tell you, “the truth is relative,” meaning there is no claim to truth.

In the land of the Liberals, the truth is whatever you want it to be which opens the window for a prevailing culture of fraud and hypocrisy. If you want to be a man, and you were born a woman, all you have to do is “say it’s so.”

After watching the transgender agenda explode during the past couple of years, I shouldn’t be surprised when a headline in “The Sun,” a UK publication, reads, “Man Has Baby.” The story begins with, “British man, 21, makes history by giving birth to baby girl thanks to sperm donor he found on facebook.”

And I’m here to tell you right here and now, that this headline and the story are a lie…a great big, fat lie! Men cannot have babies.

Hayden Cross, the so-called man who had the baby, was born a girl. Three years ago Hayden began living like a man and began taking male hormones which gave him facial hair and a deep voice. His gender reassignment cost him 29,000 pounds.

But Hayden had eggs, not sperm, and she wanted to have a baby before she completed her transitioning. So, she had invitro fertilization and a caesarean section.

The media reporting on this not-so-unusual birth has no respect for truth. Hayden is a biological woman with facial hair (because of the male hormones), her own breasts, her own genitalia, and obviously the estrogen and reproductive organs for producing eggs and carrying a child.

Yet, because she dresses like a male, wears her hair like a male, and hates her femininity, we are supposed to find her delusional thinking to be agreeable to our own perception of truth.

Hayden Cross’s baby, like all babies, is special, because she is one of God’s creations, not because her birth parent is a man. Like every other human, Trinity-Leigh Cross was born to a woman.

In this very strange world, I have no issues with people who want to imagine themselves as being something other than what they factually are. If an obese woman wants to imagine herself a famous model, let her enjoy her fantasy. If a man wants to wear fancy panties within the walls of his home, my attitude is, “You’re a weirdo, buddy, but it’s a free world.”

If a man wants to go to the extremes of getting breast implants and having his genitals removed so that he can pretend that he is a woman, I would suggest that someone give the poor guy psychiatric help, but I believe the decision should inevitably be his to make.

I believe in a world where people have the freedom to indulge themselves in “private” fantasies until they begin to blur the lines between truth and illusion and imaginary thinking.

When those among us self-deceive, they are exercising their rights to choice and free will. But when society and the mainstream media and social justice warriors create a climate in which our children are encouraged to accept lies as truth, then righteous minded people and purveyors of truth are called upon to call them out for the lies.

And I am calling out the Left and the Transgender community for the lies which they are upholding as truth to our children. Men cannot have babies. Women who call themselves men and women who would prefer to be a man can have a baby.

It is amoral to teach the young that a man can have a baby. And “The Sun” just identified itself as another example of fake news media. The publication ignored the biological identity of Hayden Cross. They ignored the anatomical impossibility for a man to give birth.

The publication applied what I refer to as “wishing well thinking” to a news report, using erroneous and misleading language to persuade its audience to swallow the big politically correct lie that a man had a baby.

A man did not have a baby. We must expose the big lies from the Left.

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