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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough announced today that he is leaving the Republican Party. And we are supposed to be shocked by this non-news? I mean, seriously, did anyone think that Scarborough was really a Republican?

Joe Scarborough hasn’t been a Republican in two decades, and I’m not so sure he was then. Sure, he might have carried the Grand Ole Party affiliation card in his wallet, but Scarborough represents the epitome of what grassroots Republicans despise, which is arrogance, progressivism, globalism, and the media elite.

In other words, “He ain’t one of us.” And he probably never was. He was the token Republican MSNBC commentator, and they made sure they chose a weak delegate to represent the conservative point of view on their far-left fake news cable station.

MSNBC sure wouldn’t want a conservative host who actually knew something about the Constitution and individual liberties, American sovereignty, traditional culture, and Judeo-Christian principles. They could not afford to have an articulate spokesperson for the conservative movement who could actually present the case for conservatism and persuade the viewing audience with the power of their insight and wisdom.

So, they got Joe, because he presented conservatism to his viewers in the same misconstrued, perverted manner that their liberal commentators introduced it, which was as a mean-spirited philosophy that fueled bigoted attacks on the downtrodden.

Joe and his gal Mika Brzezinski enjoyed a few days of a ratings hike when he got into a twitter feud with President Trump. And I would wager that the ratings spike just wet the whistle of Joe Blowhard. He needs a nice big glass of attention in hopes that just maybe his insignificant morning show will get a few thousand more stooges to bolster the anemic program in the ranks of the cable news rankings.

Although Joe said that he was switching his GOP status to “Independent,” he was nice enough to give a special shout out and thank you to John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and newcomer to the limelight, Ben Sasse. Ah yes, Ben Sasse is the rising star of NeverTrumpers.

All I can say is, “Any friend of Joe Scarborough is not a friend of mine. Any Republican that Joe Scarborough admires is likely a corruptocrat or Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

Now I would like to give a special thanks to Joe for outing Ben Sasse, the Nebraska senator who has made his name in Washington by being an avid NeverTrumper. Sasse has been on my watch list since his national celebrity began maturing like that of an adolescent to adulthood in just a matter of months.

Sasse took the spotlight when he became Trump’s outspoken young critic in the GOP. Pictures of Ben in red basketball shorts and a white undershirt sitting on a concrete wall at the Capitol with a disheveled Chuck Schumer became the media delight as the GOP darling and Schumer were jokingly touted to have been smoking weed.

But of course, there was also that little incident where Ben was a guest on Bill Maher’s television program “Real Time,” and Maher dropped the “N word.” Oh my! And then Sasse laughed. Whoa, talk about a nice little soundbite for Sasse’s next political opponent.

Joe Scarborough can call himself anything he wants. But I would suggest that he might want to refer to himself as a “homewrecker” since he and his gal Mika were both married when they began their little, how do I say…….”working arrangement.”

I find Joe’s coming out to be quite refreshing. He’s been the closet Democrat for years, and now he has shed his RINO skin so he can slither with the best of them. No more pretending for Joe. Just be who you really are, Joe. You will sleep so much better.

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