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Inarguably, the most absurd progressive school of thought is the irrational persuasion of transgenderism. There are nuances of rationality regarding some liberal perspective on issues such as racism, equal rights for women, and programs for the poor. Common ground can be found on these matters of contention.

But there is absolutely no sane course of thought for the advancement of a transgendered society. Transgenderism puts a civilization on the social, moral, cultural, and spiritually suicidal fast track.

So, why would any thoughtful person buy into this contortion of the binary sex? They wouldn’t and couldn’t if they are indeed observant and prudent thinkers. The approval of transgenderism emerges from a chaotic thought process.

The advocacy of a transgender society is the deal maker for the eradication of all of societies absolutes. If man is willing to erase the traditions and demarcations of what the world has always identified as the binary sex, that being girls and boys, men and women, or male and female, there is no perversion or deviation from God’s laws that he won’t attempt.

The progressive ideology has veered so far off the charts of factual reality and sensibility that they have managed to adopt and promote psychiatric disorders as a cornerstone of their agenda to change the physical and mental makeup of mankind. What’s worse is that they have been successful in convincing average Americans to buy into the nonsense of transgenderism.

By even tolerating the conceptual thought of transgenderism as an alternative to the reality of the binary sex, we are encouraging delusional thinking. We are obfuscating the truth and offering up to our children a smorgasbord of sexual perversions.

We have failed miserably at defending the rights of our children to grow and thrive in a moral community and climate. Particularly during the last two decades, primarily the last decade, our children have been besieged with propaganda from the entertainment industry and the educational system which have catapulted them into a state of sexual confusion.

It’s not a coincidence that families everywhere are suddenly discovering that a relative or friend have come out of one closet or another. In fact, the variation of sexual closets is becoming common. The LBGT community wants you to believe that these sexual identity revelations are a result of a more socially permissible view of those with sexual aberrations.

And they are wrong. The “coming out” of individuals with alternative sexual and gender identities is the reaction of an indoctrinated populace. Society was sold a bill of goods through subliminal messaging and the direct and flagrant solicitation of alternative sexual and gender identities.

When any philosophy saturates the mainstream as has the LBGT agenda, there will always be a segment of the population which “wants” to identify with those outside the norm. There are always those individuals who enjoy the negative attention of living life outside the social norms. And there are always those lesser intelligent people who attach themselves to any fad. And right now, the world is trending towards transgenderism.

We know that we have reached a pinnacle of insanity when social constructs now dictate that parents not identify their newborn babies as girls or boys upon birth. We have travelled so far down that gender fluid road that some parents are literally leaving the decision to identify their baby’s gender up to the said baby.

Such ludicrous thinking borders on criminality and child abuse if followed through. Any parent who would throw their child into a life of sexual confusion at the onset of their birth must suffer from deranged thinking or hopes to prosper from a reality television show.

And now we are even making public policy based on the neurotic whimsies of the mentally maladjusted Progressives who are trying to usher in a sexually disordered society. Yes, boys and girls, the Republican-led Congress has voted to keep in place the Obama era policy of the American taxpayers paying for gender reassignment surgeries and hormone therapy for the transgenders in the military healthcare system.

Transition surgeries which are denied by most private healthcare systems could conceivably cost the American taxpayer at least 1.3 billion dollars over the next ten years. And I believe that amount to be drastically deflated and underestimated as many individuals seeking transgender surgeries will sign onto the military for the sole purpose of the highly expensive reassignment surgery and treatment programs.

The troops who undergo this surgery are unavailable for their duties for months as required for recovery. As California Republican Representative Duncan Hunter stated, “Figure out whether you’re a man or woman before you join. The U.S. taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill.” Undoubtedly, Representative Duncan is now appearing on the progressive list of bigots.

So, from the looks of things, even the Republicans who once admonished Americans about the perils of social engineering, are now joining the transgender choir and singing the Hallelujah Praise Be For Transgenders chorus. And, may I add, these Republicans need to be primaried in their state elections. Kick the sons of bitches out!

The transgender movement has reached a crescendo. The intensity of the media push for not only the acceptance of the transgender lifestyle, but the high fives for those who dare to spit in God’s eye, has reached a fevered pitch. Transgenderism has exponentially exploded and become an almost commonplace phenomenon in our daily lives.

Parents and grandparents are going to begin losing their children and grandchildren to the transgender marketplace just as they have lost their loved ones to the opioid crisis and the drug war. Just as addiction doesn’t discriminate as to its victims, neither does trangenderism. And like the nightmare of drug addiction, Americans will not escape the coming nightmare of transgenderism.

The human mind is very fragile. It does not process the absurdities of life without being calibrated to do so. Our children’s minds are presently being calibrated to accept every irrational train of thought as truth. Just like so many adults, they are being desensitized to the abnormalities of the human condition.

If the Progressives can convince Americans to accept transgenderism as anything except for the gender disorder that it truly is, then they have successfully achieved their goal to reinvent civilization as an amoral culture without principles and absolute truth.

Transgenderism is the final hurdle for the Left. If they win their battle to destroy the binary sex, life as we know it will no longer exist. And may God help our children.

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