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Maybe I am naïve, but I was cautiously hopeful that the election of Donald Trump was a harbinger of an energized electorate which was fed up with the globalist progressive agenda. The defeat of Hillary Clinton was no easy task, especially when you consider that Donald Trump was not an ideal candidate.

Unlike many of my Trump supporting friends, I don’t believe that Donald Trump is the answer to conservative prayers. If you follow that line of reasoning, then you must likewise acknowledge that Barack Obama was ordained by the Almighty.

Donald Trump’s presidential win was the result of Middle Americans finally pushing back against the elite Washington establishment which has been asphyxiating not only the political landscape but the economy and culture as well. And they won.

Trump’s victory was supposed to be the groundbreaker for the movement which was going to reverse Barack Obama’s Marxist policies. Unfortunately, most on the Right did not understand the Left’s purity of hatred. There was no way in hell that the Progressives were going to allow the Conservatives to reverse the Obama accomplishments.

But the conservative movement seems to have stalled or just completely given up. Liberals take to the streets. Conservatives stay home and observe. It’s the same ole story….every single time.

Conservatives may pride themselves on their work ethic, but they sure haven’t worked to save this country. The Conservative’s call to fighting the Left is, “We’ll beat you at the ballot box next time.”

Uh huh! Sure! Just like we beat the Democrats in 2016 taking the presidency and the Congress. Oh, but wait! We’ll show them in 2018.

President Trump is being investigated by a special counsel when there is no crime. Talk of impeachment continues when there is no grounds for impeachment. The fake news media continues to float lies as truth. Nothing changes. We move in circles at the command of the criminal establishment in the nation’s capital.

Back in the day we worked to “Make a better tomorrow for our children.” But that sentiment and objective is no longer true. Americans don’t want to bother themselves with the inconvenience of securing a free and prosperous future for their children unless, of course, they can do it by showing up at the polls.

General George Washington was guided by the hand of Divine Providence to secure the blessings of liberty for the United States of America. He was protected by God’s shield, because he was on a mission for God. But all things considered, Washington was a man of God, and the colonists were men and women who worshipped God.

The same does not hold true today. Only a few Americans hold the Word of God as truth, and the leaders reflect the sacrilege of the majority. Why would God want to intervene in the affairs of the depraved who have sullied His name?

Perhaps, the republic has been damned. It would certainly seem so if you look at our children and the atrocities that are being committed by the (supposedly) most innocent among us.

A video was released yesterday of a drowning disabled man in Florida. He was drowning in a pond and crying for help as 5 teenagers videotaped his drowning while taunting and mocking him as he drowned. The boys, ages 14-18, laughed and yelled at the man as he went under and finally drowned.

“We not gonna help your a*s,” “Ain’t nobody’s gonna help you, you dumb bitch,” and “You a fuc**ng junkie,” were just a few of the taunts they screamed at the drowning man who can be heard crying on the video.

After the drowning, one boy noted, “This man ain’t getting back up.” Another chuckled, “He just died.”

And like soulless demons, the boys put the videotape of the drowning man on social media. Authorities have stated that the boys showed no remorse.

Of course, they didn’t. They have no heart. They have no conscience, just like millions of other children in America who have been raised by adults who are not willing to sacrifice for the children of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the LBGT community has captured the heart and soul of the American education system, and they are establishing transgenderism toolkits for teachers all across America. Our children and grandchildren are being readied to embrace gender fluidity.

How many conservative parents and grandparents will be at their local school board meetings to protest this inconceivable indoctrination of our children? Stupid question Right? Only a handful, if even that many.

What happens to a nation which would rather sacrifice their children at the altar of political correctness than to make personal sacrifices?

I think we are about to find out.

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