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Justine Damond was trying to help someone whom she thought was in trouble. The Australian native, who was staying with her fiancĂ© in Minneapolis, Minnesota, called the police to report what she believed to be a sexual assault in the alley behind the couple’s home. And what she received for her good Samaritan behavior was the appalling boomerang effect of being shot and killed by one of the responding police officers.

Officer Mohamed Noor is a Somalia refugee, and he was hired onto the 5th precinct in 2015. Noor was sitting in the passenger side of his squad car when the pajama-clad Damon approached the driver to report her concerns. As she talked to Noor’s partner, Mathew Harrity, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, Noor opened fire through the door, shooting Damon multiple times and killing her at the scene.

Noor, who was in property management prior to his hiring with the Minneapolis Police Department, was part of the city’s diversity program. He had already incurred three complaints against him, one of which resulted in a lawsuit by his accuser. He was undisciplined for one case which has been closed, but two remain open.

Immediately following the shooting, Officer Noor’s identity was withheld. Could it possibly be that his first name, Mohamed, and his Somalian refugee status were not revealed so as to protect the Muslim community? Are the Minneapolis authorities more concerned with political correctness than the security of the citizens? Yep!

Officer Noor has refused to speak from the first moments following the shooting of Damond. That’s it! He just clammed up, obviously feeling as though he has no moral obligation to even explain his reason for murdering a young woman in cold blood.

Harrity has given a statement in which he attests that Damond was not a perceived threat. He reports that Noor pulled his gun out of nowhere and began shooting the woman, leaving Harrity stunned and shaken.

Noor is ignoring requests to cooperate with the investigators, and his attorney refuses to provided any update regarding Noor’s actions. In fact, Noor’s lawyer has indicated that an interview with Noor will never be possible.

So, that’s the way it works now. If you are a Muslim and commit a crime such as murder, you are not obligated to explain your actions. Muslims are a protected class of individuals who are not held to the same laws and principles as are non-Muslims.

The city of Minneapolis is releasing little information about Damond’s death and Noor’s criminal behavior. All quiet on the politically correct front. Minneapolis Mayor Betsey Hodges spoke about the shooting and said that she “hoped” more information would be available in the days ahead.

Hoped there would be more information available? Who is she kidding? The city has no intentions of forcing Officer Noor’s hand and badgering him into a confession like they would any other average Joe American.

Mohamed Noor is large and in charge. He will call the shots, and it will be his attorney who decides to what degree of a slap on the hands Noor will receive for his crime of murder.

Don’t doubt for a minute that Mayor Hodges and the Minneapolis bureaucrats aren’t sickened by this turn of events concerning Noor’s cold blooded murder of Justine Damond. They are. But not for the reasons you would think.

Hodges and the elite Minnesota establishment are trying to find a way to excuse Mohamed Noor’s brutal and lethal actions so as not to offend the Muslim community. They are anticipating that they can distort the circumstances of the shooting and find a way to exonerate Noor.

Will Mathew Harrity’s story suddenly change in order to protect his job? Will Harrity suddenly remember an event which could have led to Noor’s savage reaction?

Perhaps, an unexpected witness will appear from nowhere and admit to having released fireworks which startled Noor and resulted in the misfiring of his gun.

Mayor Hodges has all the information she needs to indict Noor for murder. She has a dead woman, a witness who saw the entire shooting, and a suspect with three prior infractions who is now refusing to talk to investigators. The witness gives an account of a completely unprovoked Noor irrationally shooting an innocent woman. Yet, Hodges is “hoping” for more information.

Mohamed Noor is now suspended. If he ever serves a day in jail for the shooting of Justine Damond, I will be surprised. My money says that he won’t go to trial.

Justice for the death of Justine Damond will only occur if there is enough public outrage. But considering that Muslims are now a protected class, the establishment will fight all attempts to prosecute and punish Mohamed Noor.

Welcome to the Islamization of America.

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