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Yesterday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter accused President Trump of “harming the country like a slow acting poison” with his war against the media. The hubris of these fake news journalists never ceases to amaze me.

The mainstream media and entertainment media have been an enemy of We the People for decades. I can remember talk show host Phil Donahue stacking his audience with liberals while manipulating the guests he had on his program to present a positive image of liberalism and a negative connotation of conservatives and conservatism.

For example, one specific Donahue program centered on the topic of abortion. Donahue brought on two pastors, one who was pro-choice and the other pro-life. The pro-abortion pastor was, of course, a handsome, dignified, and eloquent social justice warrior. The pro-life minister was an inarticulate, unsophisticated, and scruffy-looking redneck.

The liberal audience would give thunderous applause for every comment that the pro-abortion pastor gave. There would be little, if any, sounds of approval when the pro-life pastor spoke. And this was as Donahue, who is a far-left globalist, intended. The television viewers were being conditioned to believe that individuals and experts who supported abortion were dignified and intelligent people in contrast to the unattractive and uninfluential pro-life guest.

Donahue, like all left-wingers, understood that it’s all about the optics. The messenger is more important than the message. Attractive people attract others to their point of view.

The studio audience’s response was significant in that it gave credibility to the guest whose side of the argument represented progressivism. Most people can be swayed by popular opinion, and when Donahue’s devoted television fans, who were mostly women, watched the audience agree with the pro-abortion speaker, they undoubtedly thought to themselves, “Look at all the women who agree with abortion. I guess it must be okay or all of these people would surely not be supporting it.”

It’s human nature, and it’s how it works. Abortion was packaged and marketed to sell, and women across the country bought into it. But they didn’t buy into the reality of abortion. They bought the presentation of abortion by men like Phil Donahue who clearly manipulated the dynamics of his show to persuade Americans to embrace left-wing ideology.

The Phil Donahue Show was just one of thousands of media programs who manipulated the masses. And this audience control by the media has been incrementally brainwashing or indoctrinating several generations of Americans for fifty years. It’s the media’s game, and it is one of the reasons our country has succumbed to the policies of irrational thought.

The media war began when the media declared war on the American people, not when President Trump identified the media as the enemy of the people. When the media became a political entity, they fired their first shot.

When there is no doubt as to how a media outlet will present a story, they have become stewards of deception and not purveyors of the truth. CNN, NBC, and MSNBC, just to name a few, are completely predictable as to how they will cover a story. No matter what the content of the story may be, if President Trump is in the story, he will be smeared, or the story will be written to portray him in a bad light.

When a media becomes so unhinged with their own globalist agenda that they do a story on the president having two scoops of ice cream on his pie while others in the room only have one scoop, that media outlet has officially closed its doors for any reputable consideration.

Perhaps the media establishment, which is 100% left-wing leaning, is collectively delusional. Only the mentally disturbed could press an agenda which lacks any clarity of long-term thought and principles.

And it fits the liberal narrative. Delusional thought is the hallmark of liberalism……men can become girls, spending money saves money, allowing illegals to take jobs from American citizens helps the country, only criminals should have guns, the world is a mess because of white people, Islam is the religion of peace, gender is fluid instead of absolute, lazy people should be rewarded with taxpayer money, illegals should receive free healthcare while American citizens struggle to pay, and the list goes on.

The liberal media promotes the absurdities of progressive ideology. Watching the fake news media is tantamount to attending propaganda school. Viewers are nudged into the Twilight Zone of the thought processes.

Brian Stelter and the establishment media are in shell shock, because they have been assaulting the American people with their disinformation for years in their own self-created media war against We the People.

It isn’t Donald Trump who has harmed the public with toxins. The media has had their invisible IV infusion set mainlined into the American psyche, and it has produced a steady drip, drip, drip of globalist talking points straight into the unsuspecting minds of the masses. Weak-minded Americans succumbed to the mind control, and the strong-minded objected, but to no avail.

Brian Stelter needs to get his story straight. The Establishment, aka “fake news media”, launched a poisonous propaganda war on the American people many moons ago. And they are in a stupefied frenzy, because someone has finally called them out on their corruption.

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