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I have only sympathy for anyone who has been diagnosed with any form of cancer, be it breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, or brain cancer. Undoubtedly the word cancer can humble the strongest man and cause him to tremble. And with that said, I will concede that I hold only the best of hopes for Senator John McCain and his battle against brain cancer.

But my best wishes for McCain’s health and my respect for the man fall at opposite ends of my considerations for this Arizona senator. While I appreciate his military service, just as I appreciate the sacrifice of all enlisted men and women, I do not hold John McCain to a heroic status. To the contrary, I find him to be a sellout.

Last night, McCain made a grand entrance onto the senate floor and killed the Republicans’ attempt to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. In what can only be described as McCain charging into the senate chambers, making his dramatic appearance as would a Hollywood celebrity on the red carpet, he sealed the deal for the Democrats.

And this will be McCain’s legacy. He will not be remembered for his time as a POW. He will be memorialized as the man who saved Obamacare, should the bill remain intact. He will be evoked as the Republican who used his final days as a lawmaker to stick his finger in the eyes of the Republicans who put him into office year after year.

John McCain has not been a friend to conservatives for almost two decades. And he sent up his red flare to put conservatives on notice when he became the chief sponsor of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act in 2002, a bill which ultimately harmed the republicans.

His half-hearted effort to beat Barack Obama in 2008 was exactly that…..just an effort devoid of passion or enthusiasm to win the presidency. And just weeks before the 2008 presidential election, McCain urgently left his campaign with the dramatic exit of an expectant father and rushed to Washington for the TARP vote. There was much speculation that his actions cost him the presidency.

Here we have an eighty year old man, who even on his best day is probably plagued with the disadvantage of acquiring some signs of dementia. In his questioning of James Comey during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, McCain appeared confused with his bizarre line of inquiries.

One can only assume that his confusion was a symptom of last week’s diagnosis of brain cancer. And yet an eighty year old senator who has brain cancer is allowed to vote on a senate bill which will forever change the way that Americans receive their healthcare.

Perhaps, these establishment elite know-nothings in the beltway haven’t established the association between the thought processes and the brain. It would seem as such if they allowed a man with brain cancer, who has already qualified himself as symptomatic by his ramblings in the Comey hearing, to make a vote which is as crucial as the vote of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act debacle.

What’s more, McCain should have recused himself. The brain cancer has inarguably affected his brain as evident by his confusion. He should never have been permitted to vote on the grounds that his thinking and decision-making abilities were debilitated.

But McCain wanted to be the hero and rush in for the eleventh hour vote before he tended to the treatments for his aggressive brain cancer. Unfortunately for the American people, his actions weren’t heroic. They were selfish.

Upon arriving in the senate chambers, McCain was welcomed by his colleagues and congratulated for his heroic gesture to make the vote. Did they really think he would miss it?

John McCain’s contempt for President Donald Trump is so intense that I have no doubt that he would have made the vote if even having to do so in the midst of a chemotherapy treatment. McCain would vote no on the repeal if he was even in his right mind, if for no other reason than to take his parting shot at Trump.

When McCain voted no on the repeal, gasps were heard from republicans and smiles appeared on the faces of the democrats. He certainly made his true colors known with this historical vote.

Somewhere in heaven Ronald Reagan is holding back tears.

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