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Multiculturalism is a globalist manufactured term to spread the misconception that all cultures are equal. The entire concept of multiculturalism is a publicity stunt demonstrated by the one world order crowd. The goal of the progressive left is to destroy the western culture by insinuating that archaic third-world cultures are as advantageous and valuable to the human condition as is the culture which was conceived by the European civilization.

But they aren’t, and sadly many unsuspecting Americans have bought into the nonsense of cultural equality. A thinking person has only to look at the rape culture of the Islamic countries to understand that there is an impasse between western law and the primitive codes of Islam.

Yesterday it was reported that the elders in a Pakistani village ordered that a seventeen year old girl be raped as punishment for her brother raping a twelve year old village girl. The twelve year old had been cutting grass when the suspect raped her. The rapist’s penalty was to have his own sister raped.

In another village, a local boy was caught having sex with a girl from another village, so the boy’s sister was punished harshly. The village elders ruled that she be gang raped in what is referred to as “honor revenge.”

As the young girl, only identified as Mai, said, “They decided I should be punished against my brother’s crime. They immediately acted upon that decision and dragged me out. That was the hardest moment of my life.”

So, a male in the Islamic culture can commit a rape, and in return for his crime his innocent sister is brutally raped by other males of the community. I’m just wondering aloud here, but I wonder if the villages hold a lottery for the honor revenge rapists. Who are the lucky guys who have their numbers drawn to gang rape another rapist’s sister? Or maybe they just have a big brawl and the winners get to take their turn with the unlucky sister of the original rapist.

And that brings to question, do the sisters of the rapists who are involved in raping the sister of the original rapist, have to be raped to establish justice for the rape that their brothers committed to punish rapist number one? Or maybe in the Muslim culture it’s okay to be a rapist if ordered to be one by your community.

Is it just me, or is there a pattern to this violence against women thing going on within the Islamic culture? Hey you feminists, where is your pink pussyhat march against the honor revenge rapes by Muslim men? Oh, silly me. That’s right. Feminists don’t have a problem with Muslim men raping women, because that is their culture.

Women in European countries, in particular Sweden and Germany, are experiencing mass rapes and other sexual offenses due to the Muslim migrants who are invading their countries, bringing with them their culture of rape. But it’s okay, according to authorities in these God-forsaken countries.

The situation is so dire and the wickedness of the multicultural mindset is so widespread that the authorities in these Muslim occupied European nations have set aside the rape laws, that their male citizens must abide by, and made special arrangements for migrant rapists.

There is no justice for the victims of Muslim rapists in the European countries. These rapists are coddled and defended as incapable of understanding that rape is not a good thing in the western world.

Few Muslim rapists are punished, and the unfortunate few that are receive a much more lenient penalty than their male counterparts hailing from the mother country. In other words, Muslim rapists are for the most part given a pass.

And the women of these countries are encouraged to NOT report rape and sexual crimes committed by the migrants. They are warned that to do so could suggest that they are racist for objecting to rape by a Muslim. Most rapes by Muslims go unreported as most women cannot contend with being labeled a racist for objecting to her rapist.

Meanwhile, back in the good ole U.S. of A, feminists and liberals continue to support the influx of the Muslim migrants who bring with them the same code of rape ethics that they have taken into Europe. The progressives push the multicultural rhetoric which is nothing more than another big lie packaged nicely with a big red compassionate bow.

Explicitly, the multicultural globalists have no grievance with rape as long as it advances the one world communist order.

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