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I refuse to be a hypocrite and continue with the age-old rhetoric that John McCain is a hero. Let me state clearly “JOHN MCCAIN IS NO HERO. JOHN MCCAIN IS A TRAITOR.” His vote against the Affordable Healthcare Act repeal was his shining moment of perfidious betrayal to the beleaguered middle class Americans.

I am fatigued with the egg shells that have been placed around McCain to assure that no one steps on his epic reputation as the gallant POW who weathered imprisonment by the Viet Cong. His POW status has been a coat of armor which has shielded him from due criticism for decades. And truth be known, there are many reputable accounts of McCain’s days as a prisoner of war which present an entirely different narrative as to McCain the hero. Frankly, after knowing now what I know about McCain, I’m leaning toward the veracity of the stories which tell the tale of the McCain who was the pampered son and grandson of four-star admirals.

McCain’s absolute disregard for the American people, not to mention his own constituents in the state of Arizona who have seen extreme increases in their healthcare costs, can only be described as a spectacle of drama and self-glorification. And lest I not forget his loyalty to the Democrats with whom he so clearly sided in this historic vote.

But McCain’s grand entrance into the senate chamber, knowing that all eyes were upon him as the man of the hour, decided that he should be the story rather than the repeal of the dreaded Obamacare. He turned to his disgusting and diabolical Democrat friends for their approval as it became evident that he was going to vote with the enemy.

And make no mistake about it. John McCain voted with the enemy, as did Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, when he voted to keep the socialized medicine which will eventually align itself with euthanasia.

How convenient for McCain, who is now suffering from brain cancer, to not have to be bothered with Obamacare. As a member of Congress he will have only the best treatments for his cancer, compliments of the United States taxpayers to whom he just applied the royal screws. Oh, but that’s okay. Right? Because he’s a hero. Why do I keep forgetting that?

Yesterday, I wrote that no member of Congress should be allowed to vote on any bill, in particular one as important as the AHA, if he or she has brain cancer. Is it too much to ask that the men and women who represent the vital interests of the American people have their full mental faculties about them? Obviously, it must be, because we still have Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Joe Biden, and a host of other nitwits making law in the nation’s capital.

By the very nature of his disease, John McCain is mentally impaired. And while I believe his vote against the repeal of Obamacare had more to do with his hatred of Donald Trump and conservatives than it did his illness, he should not have been permitted to vote at all. His vote was not only shameful but unethical and unjustifiable as well.

But then the whole damn lot of the Washington establishment appears to be braindead, so why should John McCain be the only lawmaker to be singled out to abstain from voting? “I see dead people” takes on a whole new meaning in Washington D.C.

Moments after McCain officially killed the Obamacare repeal, he had a gleeful conversation with Chuck Schumer and mouthed the word “fu*k” to cheers from delightful Democrats. It was McCain’s moment of glory and final act of defiance to the people who voted for him in his failed presidential bid in 2008 and the American people who were depending on him to make healthcare affordable once again.

If John McCain was a man of principle, he would have excused himself from the vote. He would have been at home with his family enjoying his final time on this earth as his prognosis is grim.

Oh, but no, McCain needed his parting shot at the conservatives who so unwittingly thought for so long that he was one of them. He just didn’t vote no to the repeal bill, he gave a powerful and theatrical thumbs down, with a smile I might add.

As I have listened to commentators express their disappointment over McCain’s traitorous moment on the senate floor, they always preface their comments with, “Well, John McCain is a hero, and I really respect him for his service and time spent in the POW camp, but he shouldn’t have let the American people down.” And I say to these commentators, “Can you please find your pair of balls and speak the truth? McCain was the spoiled son and the grandson of wealthy four-star admirals, and he wanted to follow in their footsteps of glory. He may and he may not have been a hero decades ago. But if McCain truly rode the heroic war horse, he killed that stallion many years ago. Let’s look at who the man is now. And he ain’t no hero!”

Spare me the continued reminders that McCain is a hero. I know what he is. He is a sellout, a traitor who stood on the senate floor just days before he is to begin aggressive chemotherapy for brain cancer and gave a spectacular thumbs down and a big “f you” to his own party to the cheers of the communist Democrats.

And that is exactly who John McCain truly is. May God forgive him for what he has done to this country!

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