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The results of a Gallup poll, which was conducted in May and released Friday, unveil the newest alternative lifestyle found to be morally acceptable. Gallup reports that one in every five adults approves of polygamy.

Attitudes about polygamy are changing, and some credit for this phenomenon is being given to the reality show “Sister Wives,” which offers a progressive viewpoint on the chauvinistic and male-dominant practice of one man with multiple wives.

Where are the feminists to challenge this disgusting display of male authoritarianism? Nowhere to be found. Feminists aren’t interested in women preserving their integrity or pursuing equality in every arena of their lives. Feminists want chaos in the western culture. They want to destroy traditional America in the process.

Looking back on the progression of the sexual implosion, which has glorified every profane and vulgar demonstration of abnormal sex, not to mention the fatal blow to the family, it has been evident that the progressives aren’t going to stop their march into sexual oblivion with same-sex marriage and the transgender revolution.

Polygamy is merely the next step on the “Erotica Choo Choo.” It is the acceptance of group sex and orgy-oriented families.

And as the Gallup numbers disclose that twenty percent of Americans now approve of polygamy, it would be a safe bet that polygamy will be legalized within the next ten years if not sooner. After all, who are we to deny a man his harem?

To give the sexually liberated crowd some credit, at least they put polygamy before their acceptance of pedophilia and incest. But not to worry, because pedophilia and incest are on the caboose of the “Erotica Choo Choo.” Americans may no longer have those natural born instincts to protect their children from the demons of this world, but they are finding it a little easier to give the green light to consenting adults in a polygamous relationship than they are the disgusting practices of incest and pedophilia.

The progressives already approve of incest and pedophilia, but they understand that American society is still not in the place where they can buy into these subversive lifestyles. At this point in time, if they introduce incest and pedophilia into the mainstream, they will get pushback. But in due time, braindead Americans will accept these evils.

Of course, bestiality is condoned in the “Let’s have sex with the anything that moves” community. Ah, love in a petri dish. And how about the “Let’s have sex with everything that doesn’t move” crowd.

Necrophiliacs, who like their sex with corpses, give a whole new slant to the living dead. Instead of declaring that “I see dead people,” those who subscribe to necrophilia scream “I want sex with dead people.”

Emetophiliacs have a sexual attraction to vomit, and urolagniacs have a sexual attraction to urine. No kidding. Vomit and urine. I guess it’s all in your perspective. Huh?

But just a little reminder here, the “Erotica Choo Choo is on the fast track to hell. And once you give your ticket to the conductor, there is no getting off.

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