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Lena Dunham, the creator and star of HBO’s “Girls,” is not only a left-wing kook, but she has a big agenda. She wants to silence your speech, that is if you don’t agree with her. And she is creating the big lies to expand her fascist message.

Dunham is the woman who wrote the book, “Not That Kind of Girl,” in which she confesses that she had molested her baby sister. A picture of Dunham sitting on the commode naked while eating birthday cake is just one of Dunham’s many publicity stunts. And yes, Lena Dunham is that kind of girl; the kind of girl that’s attention-starved, disgusting, weird, amoral,…..and those are her better traits.

But this time, Dunham has ventured outside of the commode closet and has resorted to fabricating stories to push the transgender agenda and to position herself as the topic of discussion. Ho hum. She has now concocted a story in which she claims she was walking behind two American Airlines female flight attendants in JFK Airport, and she heard the women having a “transphobic” conversation. GASP!!

To Dunham’s credit, she was not naked while in the airport, so I will give her applause for managing to keep her pants on while in public. But not only is her story chock full of holes, videos and schedules prove that Dunham’s story is fake.

Dunham reported that the two imaginary flight attendants were having a transphobic conversation “about how trans kids are a trend they’d never accept a trans child and transness is gross.” I realize that the quote is contextually and grammatically weak, but those are her words.

In all seriousness, Lena, are you that simple-minded? If I were going to go to the trouble of making up a story to push my ideological views, my assertions would not be so inanely foolish. If there were two flight attendants discussing transgenderism, which there weren’t, surely they would have been a little more articulate than to say “transness is gross, trans kids are a trend, and they wouldn’t accept a trans child.”

Dunham made her complaint to American Airlines unaware that her story would be checked out. It seems that Dunham was flying on Delta Airlines that night which was operating out of a completely different terminal than American Airlines; nor were the terminals connected. Dunham wasn’t in the right terminal nor did the time stamps add up.

The undisputable facts prove that Dunham was lying, not surprisingly. But the real story is the fact that Dunham, who represents many on the left, actually believed that two women could not have a private conversation without it being her(Dunham’s) business to monitor the conversation.

What if two women who were walking through an airport had a private discussion about the inappropriateness of transgenderism? Are they not free to share their thoughts with each other?

Operating from the standpoint that Dunham’s story could have been credible, Tucker Carlson interviewed civil rights attorney Brian Claypool. Claypool is another member of the totalitarian crowd, and he is indignant that two flight attendants ridiculed transgenderism.

Claypool’s argument to Carlson was that a transgender kid could have been walking behind the flight attendants and had their feelings hurt. When accused of being fascist and stifling free speech, Claypool denied the allegations and stated that he believes in free speech in your own living room.

So now civil rights attorneys only advocate for the social fringe to strut their stuff in public, and they suggest that average Americans are entitled to their opinions as long as they keep them in the confines of their own homes.

And Claypool wasn’t just whistlin’ Dixie here either. He was passionate and bordering on lunacy with his adamant charges that a transgender kid could have had his feelings hurt.

What if the non-existent flight attendants had been discussing obese children? What if one of them had said “fat kids are a trend, fat kids are gross, and I’d never accept a fat kid?” And lo and behold a fat kid was walking behind them. Would Claypool have been just as outraged? Fat children have feelings too.

Lena Dunham made up a story that cannot be verified, and from the facts presented, appears to be a great big transphobic lie. A screwball attorney picks up the story and wants to silence offensive speech against transgenderism, except in your own living room.

Dunham and Claypool are idiots. But keep in mind, so are Maxine Waters, Al Gore, and many other influential fruitcakes from the unhinged left, and these people are front and center in the fight for the republic.

They are funny on the surface, but they are dangerous in principle. And they have tentacles and a megaphone.

Maybe we need a law that says lunatics need to stay within the confines of their own living rooms, ya think so, Lena and Brian?

In the Land of the Liberal Lost, Lena Dunham can have pictures published of herself defecating on the commode while naked and eating birthday cake, and that behavior is not considered offensive to every normal human being. Yet, individuals expressing their opinions in private conversations is frowned upon by the American left.

Speak now or forever hold your peace!

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