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Finally, Bill Kristol is admitting what we already knew. He’s a liberal who has been posing as a conservative. He and his ilk put the INO in RINO, aka Republican in name only.

Yesterday, Kristol tweeted, “Conservatives could rebrand as “liberals.” Seriously. We’re for liberal democracy, liberal world order, liberal economy, liberal education.”

Kristol’s tweet should be an eye opener to those republican NeverTrumpers who continue to argue that Trump supporters have abandoned conservatism. Not so, according to the head NeverTrump honcho. And he wants NeverTrumpers on the right to regroup and primary President Trump in the 2020 election.

In actuality, it is the NeverTrump republicans who have been duped by the establishment republicans into joining with the Left to oust Trump which will effectively put the power back into the hands of the far-left democrat loons. But NeverTrumpers on the right can’t seem to connect those dots.

It’s obvious that republican NeverTrumpers have not considered what will happen if Trump was to be removed from office, unless of course, they do understand, and they want the democrats back in power. And if they believe that there will be a President Pence, they are as na├»ve as the wife who believes that her husband subscribes to “Playboy” for the articles.

Maxine Waters, who can always be depended on to let the cat out of the bag, told the audience of “The View” that after taking down Trump, they are going after Pence. Oh yeah, you get ’em, Maxine. And Maxine would know as she is the rising new rockstar of the Democrat Party. Think about that one. A woman who is certifiably insane leads the Left. If that’s not poetic justice, I don’t know what is!

Bill Kristol’s revelation that republican NeverTrumpers should now identify as liberals lends credence to my repetitive admonitions to GOP NeverTrumpers: There will only be two sides in this country when the fight for the republic intensifies. There will be the Left and the Right. There will not be a legitimate third alternative when the civil war, which we have already entered, takes to the streets. And sadly, aside from an act of Divine Providence, that’s where we are heading.

As a voter who voted against Donald Trump in the GOP primary and for him in the general election, I was not voting for an ideal candidate. I was voting for the leader that could identify with conservative values more so than the other candidate, namely Hillary Clinton.

And yet, GOP NeverTrumpers repeatedly charged that republicans such as myself who voted for Trump were surrendering our conservative values. These right-leaning NeverTrumpers can’t seem to comprehend that with Trump there was some common ground for conservatives, and with Hillary Clinton and the radical left ideologues there was only quicksand.

Bill Kristol has been a mundane, low-key conservative commentator and journalist for decades. He is low-energy and has always lacked a passion for his conservative rhetoric.

But geez Louise did that ever change when Donald Trump entered the presidential race. Kristol became impassioned with his unambiguous hatred and disgust for Trump, and he made it his mission to stop the New York billionaire.

And by the way, NeverTrump republicans, have you never wondered why Kristol and other so-called conservatives and republicans devote so much time trying to destroy the Trump presidency while having given Barack Obama the green light to move the nation radically to the left?

Had Kristol and other republicans within the beltway fought the Obama regime and democrat Marxists as they have done with President Trump, Obama could not have created the authoritarian state that is now threatening to bring down the Trump presidency. But Kristol didn’t care if Obama moved the nation to the left, because he is a globalist progressive.

Kristol wants to rebrand the republican NeverTrumpers as liberals, but he wants to hold onto the GOP mantle. And by doing this, he moves the Republican Party left as the Democrat Party moves far left.

If Kristol has his way, conservatism as we know it in America is over. The globalists will have effectively taken complete control of the Republican Party as compared to the partial control they have within the party presently.

Why does Bill Kristol want NeverTrumpers to rebrand as liberals? Why was Kristol unaffected by the direction Obama was taking the country but livid with Trump as he moves the country to the right?

NeverTrumpers were played by the Washington and media establishments. They have been manipulated to bring about a split in the GOP resulting in a divided conservative movement. They were the mark, and the left hit their target.

From my observations, GOP NeverTrumpers despise Trump followers more than they repudiate the radical left. They anxiously await the day that they can look upon Trump supporters and say, “I told you so.”

Thank you, Bill Kristol, for coming clean. You have proven my point. You are a liberal, and now you want the NeverTrumpers to concede that they too are liberals. So, we know where the NeverTrumpers will be standing when the day of reckoning arrives, and it won’t be with the real conservatives.

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  1. People who call themselves Republicans and allow the biased MSM to lead them around by the nose are as ignorant as all the liberals that do the same. There are liberals that are not ignorant. They are the socialist, fascist, and communist leaders of the left with their One World Government agenda and their pet biased MSM.

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