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Sunday morning on “Meet the Press,” Arizona Senator Jeff Flake told Chuck Todd that the chants of “lock her up” directed at Hillary Clinton during the Trump rallies was inappropriate. In reference to the GOP, Flake’s own party, he said, “We shouldn’t be the party for jailing our political opponents.”

How about jailing criminals, Mr. Flake? Is the Republican Party the party of jailing criminals like Clinton who risk American national security in their search for power and fortune?

Flake has no issues with the Left’s inexcusable and outrageous charade of spending billions of taxpayer dollars to pursue their political opponent in the White House. Flake isn’t concerned about the ongoing harassment of a sitting president which hails from his party, because Flake identifies with Liberals, just like many others in the GOP who have spent years masquerading as conservatives.

But in this dawn of the new era of NeverTrumpers, Republicans like Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Ben Sasse, and a host of other GOP lawmakers have put aside their fears of being identified for the charlatans that they are. They have no fears of the republican base rising up in protest and potentially putting them out of office.

These NeverTrump Republicans are a component of the left-wing coup being waged against President Trump and his followers. And don’t doubt for a minute that the coup, which is slow-moving, is intended to be a takedown of Trump and his supporters.

NeverTrumpers on both sides of the ideological chasm are banding together to destroy the Trump presidency. And Republican NeverTrumpers, many of whom refer to themselves as Cruz supporters, are still so angry about Trump’s inarguably undignified smear of Ted Cruz during the 2016 primary that they want Trump out regardless of whom shall fill the void left in his wake.

Other NeverTrumpers on the right, be they RINOS or those who like to refer to themselves as “principled” conservatives, want Trump out, even at the expense of the civil war which will entail following the overthrow of an election.

As I wrote in a prior essay, Republican pundit and journalist Bill Kristol is a progressive elite, and Kristol is now suggesting that NeverTrump Republicans rebrand themselves as Liberals. Kristol is an open borders globalist who has been moving left over the last decade.

But it gets much worse. GOP strategist and foul-mouthed NeverTrumper Rick Wilson is now asking Democrats to assist the NeverTrumpers on the right to fuel the conservative civil war. He is encouraging the Democrats to praise Mike Pence as an alternative to Trump, all the while acknowledging that Pence will suffer a similar fate as Trump if Trump is brought down.

Wilson tweets, “Eyes on the “actual” prize, etc. If Trump collapses, Pence is a solid risk for splash damage in the conservative war to come.” Not only is Wilson dedicated to the takedown of Donald J. Trump, but he wants Democrats to put their eyes on the “actual” prize which is a takedown of both Trump and Pence, thus resulting in eight more years of Democrat mobocracy and the death blow to the republic.

Earlier in the week when rumors circulated that Vice-President Pence was planning a shadow campaign for the 2020 election in the case of Trump’s removal from office, Pence vehemently denied the rumors. Yet, Wilson insisted that Pence’s “denial is a full confession of guilt.” Wilson is working to concertedly damage Pence as well as Trump.

NeverTrumpers who claim to be Conservatives need to ask themselves, “Why is a Republican GOP NeverTrump strategist telling the Democrats how to play their cards in order to take back control of the Washington establishment? Why would Wilson want Pence, who is without a doubt a good man, to be swallowed up in the aftermath of a Trump impeachment or unwarranted indictment?”

There can be only one answer to those questions. Wilson prefers a Democrat-controlled Washington.

Rick Wilson is a wretched and vulgar enemy of the conservatives, but Republican NeverTrumpers and Wilson both stand on “principles,” in their desire to oust Trump. Wilson’s principles also include tweets such as asking Ann Coulter if Trump pays more for anal sex. Wilson also tweeted that Trump supporters are childless single men who masturbate to anime.

Wilson claims that those members of Trump’s base, who are attacking Trump’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, are white nationalists and anti-Semites.

But the good news for you conservative and “principled” NeverTrumpers is that Wilson is your friend and is working toe to toe with you to unseat President Trump.

So, I hope you NeverTrumpers who are clinging to your “Ted Cruz shouldn’t have lost the 2016 primary” banners, are happy with your new home, or should I say new neighbors on the left.

Your so-called “principled” stand to hold firm against Trump has given power to the left. And as you saw with NeverTrump John McCain, NeverTrump Jeff Flake, NeverTrump Bill Kristol, NeverTrump Rick Wilson, and the many other NeverTrump Republicans who also refer to themselves as “principled and conservative,” your side is joining with the left.

It was more important to hate Trump and his supporters than it was to stand united with fellow conservatives, because you were arrogant in your smug self-righteous indignation that the less-than-perfect and admittedly obnoxious and profane Trump won the election. And now, as I have long warned, the GOP NeverTrumpers are joining with the Democrats to put him out of office.

There are only two sides in this fight to save the republic. When will you professed conservative NeverTrumpers ever understand that simple fact? Apparently, not until you assist the Left in the takedown of the republic.

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  1. It used to make me crazy when liberals interpreted everything Obama did to a genius master plan. Now, many Trump supporters are doing the same thing (not you). Trump doesn’t have a master plan, or really any plan except what makes people praise Donald Trump. He has no real goals except getting good press. He is not a Conservative or a Republican; he is not a Liberal or a Democrat. He has no ethical or moral core. He is like a cheap plastic bag caught in a gust of wind, buffeted by the last breeze that touched him.

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