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The white supremacy movement has been all but dead in America for multiple decades. And regardless of the drama of white nationalists who chose to rear their ugly heads in Charlottesville over the weekend, these fringe neo-nazis and haters represent an insignificant number of Americans. The overwhelming majority of white Americans hold this racist group with contempt and disgust.

But what about the left-wing Antifa movement which has been wreaking havoc across America for months? Where are the public detractors of this violent group of haters who are intolerant of conservative Americans? When Berkeley burned as the masked marauders of Antifa rioted and protested conservative speakers on campus, little was said by the Washington sophisticates and media elite in regard to the far left violence.

Black Lives Matter is praised as a civil rights group when in truth it is a group which excludes the rights of whites. When it has been suggested that “All Lives Matter,” BLM advocates become indignant.

Yesterday’s brutal brawl in Charlottesville, Virginia was very predictable. The hysteria created by the Left to disenfranchise the conservatives was inevitably destined to bring a confrontational situation between the radical elements of the fringe. And that time had arrived.

News reports of the Charlottesville chaos described white nationalists in a combative showdown with “counter protesters.” But they failed to mention that the counter protesters were members of the left-wing mob known as Antifa. And the fake news also intentionally neglected to mention that Antifa was fighting the police.

And while those on the Left outwardly bemoaned the horror of the white nationalist rally (and admittedly, it was disgusting to witness), inwardly they were celebrating, because they had brought to fruition their objectives to create chaos from the hatred they have incited during the past decade.

The Left has never wanted racial unity and harmony. They have purposely constructed a racial, cultural, and ideological divide between the races to serve their higher authority known as identity politics, because only through identity politics can the United States be deconstructed. While unity is the saving grace of a nation, identity politics assures that conflict thrives among the people.

The Left has socially engineered the American culture to the brink of non-recognition. We are white. We are black. We are Hispanic. We are gay. We are transgender. We are cisgender. We are homophobes. We are Islamaphobes. We are gender fluid. We are bigots. We are racist. We are feminists. We are victims. We are privileged. We are anything and everything except united Americans.

White privilege propaganda has been flourishing on college and university campuses since Barack Obama became the first black president. Ironically, the dramatic reality that Americans had crossed the racial divide and elected a black man became the pivot point from which the Democrats and their far left constituents decided to initiate their public objective to send the white man to the back of the bus.

If they thought that the whites wouldn’t notice, they were wrong. Of course the typical Democrat voter didn’t notice nor do they even understand the dynamics of the white privilege endgame. But thinking whites did understand the concepts of race extermination and ethnic cleansing.

Unfortunately, the white supremacist crowd also received the Left’s message loud and clear. And this writer believes that the party of George Soros has anticipated and invoked the day when the Alt Right would awaken from hibernation.

The Democrats needed a violent response from the repugnant white nationalist crowd to demonstrate to the world that it is white Americans who are purveyors of hatred. And the revolting white nationalists didn’t let them down.

President Trump was correct when he called for an end to hatred on all sides. Yet, the Democrats, fake news media, and establishment Republicans are infuriated that Trump called out all parties who are politically prosperous with their messages of hate and intolerance, and that was how it should be.

There are no excuses for the white nationalist mentality. And there is likewise, no justification for the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements which are George Soros puppet organizations.

Hatred is hatred. What better way to foment that hatred than to play identity politics? And that’s exactly what the Left did in Charlottesville, Virginia. Their dream of racial chaos became a national nightmare.


  1. Well, I couldn’t have said it better.
    When, oh when will real Americans wise up ?
    I am afraid the second American civil war is brewing
    This once great country is no longer recognizable as America.

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