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I am so over cowardice! Where are the descendants of the courageous men and women who built this country, fought and died in two major world wars, and taught their children that doing the right thing involved sacrifice?

More importantly, where are the Americans who actually give a damn that the republic is being ripped apart by communist outlaws and who are willing to try and stop a total collapse of the nation ? I’m looking……….still looking.

Saturday’s riots in Charlottesville, Virginia marked the beginning of a new phase of the second civil war brewing in the heartland. The Charlottesville riots denoted a distinctive twist in the dynamics of the war games. Typically, the left-wing Antifa or Black Lives Matter rallies and riots involved burning buildings, vandalizing cars and college campuses, and beating up conservative bystanders who dared to challenge their tactics.

But the Charlottesville marchers opened up Door Number two and released the scourge of society, specifically those individuals who have waited breathlessly for the opportunity to beat up on somebody, just anybody.

As expected, the events of the protest were depicted by the media as a one-sided effort by white conservatives to declare supremacy and destroy all people of color. The white nationalists, who had a legitimate permit for the rally, became the focus of the narrative.

The story as told by a corrupted media was about hate which emanated from the racist conservative Americans. The left-wing war mongrels were referred to as counter protesters who were merely trying to stop the runaway racist conservatives from the white nationalist movement. There was no mention of their identities as members of Antifa. There was no mention of the left-wing rioters coming to the rally with feces-filled balloons as they prepared to do battle with the white nationalists.

And as planned by Charlotteville’s Mayor Michael Signer, who is a former employee of the far left Center for American Progress and a pal of John Podesta, the police were ordered to stand down, allowing the violence to escalate, resulting in the death of one girl.

According to the media outlets, the villains are, exclusively, the white nationalists. The conservatives are racists, and the far left radical extremists will live happily ever after.

Immediately, without having the complete facts about the chain of events in Charlottesville or the agenda of all of the ideological participants, conservatives and Republicans alike, joined with the Democrats and fake news media in condemning “only” the white nationalists. Incredibly, they began to apologize profusely for the alt-right.

Fearful of being aligned with the white nationalists and racism, conservatives joined in the chorus to disavow racism. First, I want to point out that 1) racism should always be condemned and 2) White nationalists are despicable people. However, the Charlottesville rally was an orchestrated event to bring attention to racism within the white community while completely concealing the motive and identities of the counter protesters.

The counter protesters repeatedly provoked and initiated the widespread clashes with the alt-right. But their identities went undisclosed as the city officials targeted only the white nationalists for their condemnation.

When President Trump brought attention to the hate emanating from all sides, conservative pundits, lawmakers and Trump haters began convulsing as they denounced the white nationalists and begged the establishment media acolytes for forgiveness.

Conservatives became desperate to avoid any accusations of racism. When will these conservatives ever learn how to combat the Left?

The Left anticipates the reality that the conservatives will always fall into the “mea culpa” trap. Accusing conservatives of racism is the nucleus of their ideological strategy, because they know that when they scream “racism,” conservatives always fall into place. The conservatives go on the defensive and abandon all efforts for an offensive.

Is it too much to ask for conservatives to just “get a clue?” Why can’t conservatives just ignore the Left’s repeated allegations of conservative racism, and change the narrative to the Left’s diabolical hatred for America?

We all know that neo-nazis and the white nationalists are associated with Hitler. But Antifa, who are communist rabble rousers, are comparatively related to Stalin, who is also responsible for the deaths of millions. Nevertheless, conservatives suck their thumbs and cry when the Left starts their chants of “racism.”

I am beginning to believe that conservatives would prefer having bamboo shoots shoved under their fingernails than to be targeted as a racist.

Dear conservatives, you aren’t racist, you know you aren’t racist, so quit explaining yourself to the radical loons on the left.

Go to your local store to the “spine department” and get a backbone. Just please quit humiliating yourselves by falling on your knees and pleading with the crazy lefties to stop calling you a racist.

It is so unbecoming!


  1. “More importantly, where are the Americans who actually give a damn that the republic is being ripped apart by communist outlaws and who are willing to try and stop a total collapse of the nation ? I’m looking……….still looking”

    Your silly, don’t you know their all over a Breitbart and Infowars talking tough, yelling and pumping their fist at the screen and calling people trolls..

  2. At last, someone who tells it like it is. If these ignoramuses would only look at history, e.g., the communists in Russia in 1917, the Nazi’s in Germany in the thirties, the fascists in Italy in the thirties as well, all started by violent riots, book burnings, civil liberty abuses and all led to decades of misery for all but the “enlightened leaders”. Same thing in China in the years following WWII with the Mao revolution. All these tactics are designed by the progressive left to limit individual liberty and to substitute the will of the state for the masses. Note that there is always a “ruling class” who are above the fray, e.g. Trotsky/Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao and on and on.
    Unfortunately the ill informed millenials will find out too late that they too will become targets of the elitists.
    I guess that old adage is true, “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it”.
    Kudo’s to you, keep bringing the news. You are right, the second american revolution is starting in the heartland and the people will prevail!!

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