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Michael Moore has reared his porcine head again. He told CNN’s Don Lemon that Trump supporters are racists and rapists. No surprise here. Moore always seeks out attention when the opportunity arises. He’s got a nose for food, drama, and fake news, and no, I wasn’t going to say “oinking.” I wouldn’t do that.

We always get to see more and more and more of Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell when things get really “ugly” in the country. And speaking of pigs, O’Donnell used the pig snapchat to make a quickie video directed at North Korean Der Leader Kim Jong-Un. She used her little piggy voice with the pig face to advise the dictator that President Trump is crazy. I’m still trying to figure out why she bothered even using the snapchat pig app. It’s always just better to be yourself, Rosie.

Both Moore and O’Donnell are to be pitied. They are just two of Hollywood’s not-so-finest swine who are starved for attention, not food. And slamming conservatives and Trump supporters gives them a few more minutes at the trough of fame.

Moore’s suggestion that Trump supporters are rapists and racists was predictable. The Left is deliberately attempting to incite violence from the Right. They want chaos, lawlessness, and turmoil all across the land.

They need to establish the mainstream narrative that Trump supporters are racist. Conservatives always back away from any controversy when the accusations of racism begin. The race card is the silencer of most on the Right.

But rapist? Now, that’s a new one. I guess Moore is appealing to the really stupid women on the Left who are going to believe that Trump supporters are literally raping women. And I don’t doubt for one minute that there aren’t Democrat women heading out today to get their bottle of spray mace after Moore’s warning. Have you maced a Trump supporter today?

Moore and O’Donnell like to gorge on the politics of destruction and extremism. They have no room left in their stomachs for the opinions of others. Theirs is an insatiable appetite for left-wing propaganda.

They are merely playing a role by agitating the conservatives so as to ignite pandemonium. But we get it. Because we know that they are choosing to hog the spotlight in hopes of being noticed. What they profess is nothing more than elite-style slop.

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  1. michael moore is an evil propagandist but he is not stupid. rosie o’donnell is a pig, just as DONALD J TRUMP the candidate joked after being baited the has been megyn kelly.
    mm knows better. he knows he is lying. he is a bitter, hateful, slovenly agitator who is determined to bring our President down by any means necessary.
    he tried to warn the Democratic party that DONALD TRUMP was going to win, but was dismissed. the dnc did “steal” the nomination from sanders, who rolled over and let hrc take it without a whimper.
    i cringed when he gave her the debate (he didn’t care about the damn emails!)
    as our President would say, he doesn’t know how to win!
    all the agitators and politicians know how to do is take from people who have produced wealth, mm included.
    he was an obnoxious, arrogant, ugly kid (yes you can find the video of him challenging MILTON FRIEDMAN)
    and now he is a laughingstock; the only he seems to be gaining is WEIGHT.

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