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One of the first slave owners in America was a man by the name of Anthony Johnson. Johnson was a “black” Angolan who came to the colony of Virginia as an indentured servant in 1621. After serving his time as a servant for a few years, he earned his freedom and was granted land by the colony. He turned this land into a successful tobacco plantation.

But there’s more to this story than the happy ending for a black man in seventeenth century America. Johnson used indentured servants on his plantation. But when one of his black servant’s time had been served, Johnson refused to free the man. The servant, a man by the name of John Casor, was held illegally by Johnson.

Johnson contended that he owned John Casor and the court ruled in favor of Johnson. This case was the first judicial determination in the Thirteen colonies holding that a person who had committed no crime could be held in servitude for life.

The very first case of a person being declared a slave in a civil case was that of a black man enslaving another black man. But this is a little fact that those on the Left prefer to ignore and conceal.

Across the great Atlantic another atrocity against humankind was being enacted. African rulers were collaborating with slave traders to help capture their fellow Africans and sell them into bondage.

In fact, in 2009, the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria wrote to tribal chiefs saying, “We cannot continue to blame the white men, as Africans, particularly the traditional rulers, are not blameless.” The Nigerian Civil Rights Congress urged these Africans to issue a formal public apology for their role in the slave trade.

These are historical events which the Left want hidden from the public arena. Because the issue of slavery and the oppression of blacks in America has never been about human rights or the horrid act of putting men into bondage. It has always been about globalism and the manipulation of blacks and weak-minded white people whom fall prey to the “white America is bad” rhetoric.

The subjugation of any human being is wicked, and the accepted practice of enslavement reflects the very worst of mankind. But the practice of slavery was never an issue of color. People of all colors and all nationalities have toiled in captivity.

And only in the United States of America have the citizens gone to the extremes of fighting a long-fought war to end the evil institution of slavery. Hundreds of thousands of white people died to procure freedom for their black brothers.

Sorrowfully, the ruling class of American leaders has intentionally resurrected the deep hatred and resentment for white Americans which once existed in the black communities in respect to their ancestry of subjugation. Our national and many state and local leaders have reopened a wound which was healing, and in doing so they have introduced back into our social culture an animus which can only lead to heartache and suffering by the masses.

But they don’t care. One can only ask himself or herself, “How vicious and wicked are our leaders who would incite such racial unrest?” Only godless men and women could set into motion the wheels of destruction which will roll over each and every American, except of course, the establishment elite in Washington D.C. and the very wealthy.

I once taught an American history course, and we were discussing the Civil War and slavery. I told the class that there were both black and white slaves in early America. I was trying to teach the concept of slavery as the institution of bondage and serfdom. A very respectful and sweet black boy in the class listened intently but never expressed himself.

However, I received a phone call from his mother the next day. Apparently the young man had been offended that I had insinuated white slaves into the lesson on slavery. The mother specifically said to me, “There were no white slaves in the south.” I respectfully disputed her assumption. She then said, “Well, if there were, they weren’t treated as bad as the black slaves.”

I wasn’t going to argue with this mother as she needed for her son to feel as though he was the victim and that whites could not be the victims. Considering that she denied the existence of white slaves made her point that if there were, they weren’t treated as horrifically as black slaves. She didn’t know anything about it, but she wanted me to know that blacks were the biggest victims.

Her argument was irrelevant. Inarguably, there were more black slaves in the South than there were white slaves. My intent was not to suggest that the black slaves weren’t persecuted. My lesson was on the institution of slavery. My students needed to understand that bondage does not recognize color.

Unfortunately, we are far past the point of reason as the globalists have succeeded in this stage of their agenda to rid the world of whiteness. Racism and slavery will be recognized as the establishment of the white race.

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