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Three cheers for the Hallmark Channel!!! Its ratings are booming, rising another 9 percent this year, and that doesn’t even take into account the surge it will receive beginning in October when the Christmas movies begin.

Even men are tuning into Hallmark. In this age of media madness and smut television, people of all ages not only desire, but require positive viewing of relationships with happy endings and people with a purpose. They need the reassurance that small town America and the boy and girl next door still exist.

I confess that I am a Hallmark junkie. But I haven’t always been. I was a Christmas or holiday fan of the cable network. Now Hallmark is my escape to the place where America use to be. In Hallmark land people have their problems, but they find solutions with the help of friends and especially family. The characters on Hallmark have a moral compass, and the antagonists always suffer the consequences of their bad behavior.

And the moral to the story of the Hallmark Channel’s success is the same lesson that the media and mainstream networks should learn. People crave decency and morality. But most of all, people crave the truth.

And despite the obstacles that always present themselves in Hallmark movies, the truth always wins out. Unlike what we witness on the media, the villain loses rather than to be celebrated.

When President Trump stated that the fake news media is the enemy of the American people, he was precise with his observation. Like maggots, the mainstream media feasts on the minds of the unsuspecting people as they feed their viewers garbage to fatten them up for political chaos.

But the media just isn’t corrupt. It is sinister. The media engineers the progressive/communist movement through deceptive techniques which literally brainwash the simple-minded, na├»ve, and ignorant masses. The media is guilty of crimes in connection with treasonous conduct.

We tend to think of politicians like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bill de Blasio and other half-witted Democrats as the enemies of America. We identify the not-so-cleverly concealed Republicans such as Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell, and other RINOS as enemies of conservatism.

And we do so rightfully. These lawmakers and hundreds of others have betrayed the American people, because they succumbed to the allure of the power, celebrity, and fortune which Washington offers.

However, I contend that as despicable as our lawmakers may be, the media maggots are worse. In 1787 the Irish statesman Edmund Burke coined the term “fourth estate” when press reporting was opened up to the House of Commons of Great Britain.

The media is the fourth estate, and it is an informal arm of the political system. Our Founders knew that the nature of man was to become weak with temptation. Likewise, politics attracts men and women who desire power and the trappings which accompany the prestige and privilege. Of course, there are a few politicians who are selfless, but they tend to be swallowed up by those lawmakers with the most avarice appetites.

The American media had the crucial and noble duty to safeguard the republic from the threats emanating from the political establishment. But instead of defending the nation from internal threats, it united with the enemy within and adopted a political ideology of its own, that being progressivism/communism.

And now we witness a disintegrating vestige of what used to be, what was supposed to be. We sadly behold a debased ideological multi-headed creature which screeches nonsensical rhetoric day in and day out.

Truth in America cannot be restored until the mainstream media collapses from poor ratings and dwindling sponsors. And we can help to make that happen by boycotting cable news and the people who stole truth from journalism.

It is past time to make the fake news media pay for their role in the demise of America. And the Hallmark Channel is a good place to start.

Let the countdown begin………only 35 days until Hallmark Christmas movies begin. Thirty-five and counting…………………..

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