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Conservatives have been babes in the woods when it came to standing up against the liberals. When the Left, or should I say the Democrats, began controlling the language by regulating our speech, we lost the first battle in the war for the republic.

It began with the “n” word. Without a doubt, the “n” word is a repulsive word. Growing up, the word was not used by any member of my family. It wasn’t a matter of being politically correct; it was a matter of choosing not to use a derogatory term. And that is as it should be.

There is no word on earth which should be outlawed. There should be no word which is considered “hate speech.” People have the right to be ignorant.

And that brings me to the pot of gold that the Liberals found at the end of their welfare checks. They mainstreamed the word “racist,” and quickly learned that they had an endless supply of political equity. All they had to do was to hurl the accusation of “racist” at a Conservative, and their opponent was silenced. Just like that! “You’re a racist!” Silence!

Conservatives panicked and immediately began backing away from the controversial topic. They were so intimidated by the possibility that someone might believe them to be a racist that they caved. They went home, and they hid.

This tactic worked for over a decade, until it became so overused and trite that the Conservatives began ignoring their detractors. And the Liberals became concerned, because they needed the blacks to be their victims. They had to create a superior and inferior group of people to bring about the chaos needed to incite an uprising.

The Left began manufacturing white supremacists. Of course, there are white supremacists, just as there are black supremacists. Can you say New Black Panthers? But the white supremacists are few and weak with absolutely no power. They are irrelevant to everyone except the radical Left who needs there to be a threat of white supremacy.

If, as the Democrats contend, the white supremacists are such a threat, why were they not vocal during the administration of Barack Obama? They have been silent for decades, because they are impotent.

The Democrats have graduated their efforts from the exhausted use of the word “racist” to the new improved allegation of “white supremacist.” And they brought this strategy to national prominence in Charlottesville. They began identifying every Trump supporter as a white supremacist.

Within the week, the Trump supporters were soon being referenced to as Nazis. According to the hysterical left-wing media and Democrat pundits, the conservatives are Nazis.

Of course, this is absurd. But there is a method to the madness. They must identify conservatives as horrible human beings in order to foment rage within their base. They are deliberately provoking their base to justify the hatred and animus directed at conservatives. They need incendiary rhetoric to create fear within their liberal camp.

What better way to incite a war than to convince your team that the Nazis are coming after you?

From racist, to white supremacist, to Nazi…………Saul Alinsky would be proud.

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