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From the first moment that Antifa raised its treacherous head, the mafiosos wore masks or face coverings. From full facial toboggans to cloaks which concealed the lower half of their faces, these outlaws have operated in disguise.

Not one time have I seen a video report of these desperados in which they collectively revealed their faces. Typically, they are dressed in black, and they are carrying ball bats, sticks, bottles of urine, feces-filled balloons, or some other friendly reminder that they want to bash in someone’s head.

But not-so-strangely the fake news media doesn’t seem concerned about the group which dress in black, enshroud their faces and attack innocent people. I’m no lawyer, but I do have some sense, and I’m pretty darn sure that there is a law on the books somewhere which prevents masked men with weapons from protesting and burning down buildings.

Yet, law enforcement stands idly by while masked men behave violently and threaten bystanders. As was the case in Charlottesville, they stand down when confronted with these barbaric punks. They have been ordered to allow the Antifa to create chaos and mayhem.

I realize that the American people have been dumbed down, but it really isn’t a complex concept to realize that men who wear masks in the street, are disguising themselves so as not to be recognized. And the follow up assumption would logically be that they don’t want to be recognized, because they are or plan on operating outside of the law.

In actuality these two-bit bullies are nothing more than millennial hooligans who are looking for a reason to fight and destroy. They don’t care about fascism. I would wager that nary a one of them could define fascism.

They are mercenary villains, paid by George Soros to create chaos and manipulate the public into believing that President Trump is a fascist and whites are Nazis. God help them if they cross the line which opens the flood gates of thousands of fed up Conservatives who are ready to put an end to the madness.

We need to see the faces of these men and women who are terrorizing Americans. It is time to rip off the face masks of the Antifa goons and reveal their identities.

Aside from the Lone Ranger, masked men should be banned from the public!

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