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Breaking news Sunday night revealed that President Trump will be rolling back Barack Obama’s illegal executive action order DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The program will end with an effective date of six more months.

Obama actuated the unconstitutional program in 2012 when he deferred the enforcement of immigration laws for illegals who had arrived in the United States as children. Referring to these illegals as “dreamers,” Obama appealed to the emotional immaturity of those on the Left who have never quite learned that “thinking” is a priority when it comes to running a country. Emotional governance and it’s appeal to the irrational sector of the American populace explains the social, cultural, economic, and political collapse that we are experiencing today.

As would be expected, the Hollywood Left, the fake news media maggots, the RINOS and Democrats in Congress, and the entire left-wing unhinged masses went berserk. But the Left’s overreaction to everything logical is a foreseeable conclusion. If they can’t cry about it, they will fake the tears.

And they will create the language to expedite their desired public response. Referring to the illegal immigrant children as “dreamers” is just another linguistic Alinsky-style strategy to induce delirious compassion from the incoherent followers of the insane Democrats and some progressive Republicans.

But “legal” immigrant Sabine Durdine isn’t impressed with “dreamers.” Her only son was killed by an illegal “dreamer.” Apparently, her son’s killer was dreaming about something quite different than what we have been told that “dreamers” desire.

The word on the street and in the news is that Barack Obama will be releasing a message of condemnation when Trump makes his announcement to roll back the illegal program. Obama hasn’t quite accepted the little fact that he is no longer the president and has lost his power to welcome illegal aliens into this sovereign nation.

Unfortunately for the children of American citizens who have followed the law, their quest for the American Dream has been sacrificed for the children of the Illegals, namely the “dreamers.” Their hopes and aspirations for a brighter future have been rejected for the globalist cause.

Barack Obama had a dream, and he still does. He wrote about his dream and the dreams of his father. Obama’s dream, like his dad’s, is of a Marxist Utopia. Inspired by not only his father Barack Obama Sr., but by his mentor, the noted communist Frank Marshall Davis, Barack used the presidency of the United States to fulfill his dream.

But thanks to the presidential term limits as established by the Twenty-Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, Obama did not have the needed time to fully implement his dreams. He was immobilized by the confines of a two term restriction. Praise the Lord! And a big thank you to the lawmakers who put the Twenty-Second Amendment on the books.

Unlike former United States presidents, except for social justice warrior Jimmy Carter, Obama has decided that he will interfere in his successor’s presidency. And while I’m on the topic of Jimmy Carter, might I add that had the wimpy 39th president been more interested in the lives of Americans, fifty-two American diplomats and citizens would not have been held hostage by Iran for 444 days. Ironically, the hostages were released the very day that Ronald Reagan, who was a real man, took his oath of office as President of the United States. How’s that social Justice working out for you, Jimmy?

It was revealed this weekend that upon leaving office, Obama left a letter for President Trump. He advises Trump to maintain the “international order.” His reference to this “international order” is nothing more than his push to advise Trump to follow Obama’s dream of a one world order and a dismantled United States.

Obama’s dream includes massive immigration and non-assimilation to ensure a divided America, an America which will fracture easily as the globalist agenda becomes reality.

If you thought that Barack Obama was finally gone when he left the White House, you were wrong. He stayed in Washington to protect his dream and secure the programs he instituted illegally.

Barack Obama had a dream, and he still has that dream. We will be seeing more of this diabolical man in the near future. His role in deciding the fate of this nation is far from being over. He has a dream, and he plans on fulfilling it.

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