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Bruce Bartlett, former official in both the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations, took to Twitter to condemn Trump supporters; “There is no longer any doubt….ALL (100%) Trump supporters are racist. If you don’t like it, fu*k you.” Alrighty then, Bruce.

But after Bruce got all that animosity towards Trump supporters off of his chest, he became indignant that some Trump supporters took offense. So, he took to facebook where he posted another complaint about the deplorable Trump supporters.

“Earlier I said this evening that all Trump supporters are racist. This has led to an outpouring of attacks and hatred toward me here and on Twitter. All of it by total Strangers. That’s fine. I don’t care. What I am concerned about is why anyone gives a shit about what I said. If someone on facebook said that all Hillary voters are Communists, or pedophiles, or whatever, I wouldn’t give a shit. I certainly wouldn’t feel compelled to go to some strangers facebook page and write a lot of hateful comments because of it. What am I missing?”

I’ve got my hand up for that question, little Brucie. I’ll tell you what you are missing. You are the epitome of arrogance? You resonate elitism, privilege, and “attitude.” You “publicly” slam Trump supporters by calling them racist and then you round off that insult with a big “Fu*k you” to these assumed racists. And you wonder why strangers are responding. After slandering and cursing 100% of Trump supporters, with virtually all of those supporters being total strangers to you, Dimwit, you are perplexed why anyone would respond to your crude allegations and vulgarity.

But you say you don’t care. Yeah, right, Brucie. You took the time to post on facebook, because you care, and you do give a sh*t or you would have ignored the hateful comments from the very people that you verbally assaulted first. You take a pot shot at total strangers, and then you whine when they strike back.

Bruce Bartlett is such a typical establishment pig. Like all of the upper class of the Washington Establishment, Bartlett believes the rules apply to the little people but not to him. And this pompous ass is so consumed within his own bubble of contemptuous animosity towards the “63 million” Americans who voted for Trump that he cries foul when he is called on his disgraceful post.

Bartlett obviously believed that he could mock and offend 63 million Americans publicly on social media and that no one would hit back. Now if that isn’t my idea of a gutless wonder, I don’t know what is.

He’s like the bully who throws a punch and then cries when he gets the living daylights beaten out of him. He considers himself so superior to the everyday American that he can not even imagine the deserved retaliation coming to him for his smug and impudent libelous remarks.

Poor little innocent Bruce Bartlett just doesn’t understand why everybody is always picking on him. He can dish it out, but he can’t take it. Quick! Somebody needs to get Brucie some puppy therapy soon. He’s having trouble coping and needs some cuddling.

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