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Embedded deep and not-so-deep within our federal government are the powers that intend to replace American sovereignty with globalism or as most on the Left and some on the Right refer to it, the New World Order. And that New World Order requires America to be less powerful and less prosperous.

The New World Order as defined by the globalists requires the American citizens to step aside while masses of foreigners replace them in the job market. It requires the eradication of the western culture and the rise of Utopian Marxism.

And for those who have not quite figured that out, DACA and the entire illegal immigration crisis are illustrations of the war for America. America is being invaded, and our lawmakers are assisting in that invasion.

When our national lawmakers are outraged over the attempts of the current president to enforce the immigration laws in accordance to constitutional law, we know that we are officially lawless. Laws no longer matter, unless of course, you are an elitist, and you need them for your personal use. Then they matter.

But in respect to the average American “legal” citizen, laws are on the book for the convenience of the establishment. They apply only as long as they meet the criteria set by the powers-that-be.

It is not a coincidence that Barack Obama paved the way for the national assault on the nation’s law enforcement. He was instrumental in his single-handed authoritarian breach of the United States Constitution by issuing the executive order known as DACA. Obama rewarded those people whose first exploit on American soil was of entering the country illegally.

Not only were they allowed to stay, but they were issued free healthcare and free money at the expense of the American tax-paying citizens. The American citizen has been abused by his own government in favor of people from all around the world who are lawbreakers.

Every single lawmaker, who has not condemned this intentional violation of the U.S. Constitution, deserves to be thrown out of office. But that’s an issue for a later time.

As of now, the American citizen is under assault by its own government. And as of now, it is an attack which is weaponless, but don’t expect that little feature to be a trend.

We are plunging into a cultural, political, and social abyss as designed and engineered by the globalists within our own government. Does the term ‘social engineering’ sound familiar?

Same-sex marriage, transgenderism, and yes, even abortion, are adventures in social engineering. And the American people fell for it after years of propaganda campaigns and public school indoctrination.

Weak-minded people comprise probably close to fifty percent of the population in respect to buying into the left’s agenda. But if they really understood that agenda, they would be running for the proverbial hills.

The progressive lawmakers and the compromised lawmakers, who don’t agree with the globalist agenda but have jeopardized their reputations and their families’ well-beings through corrupt or shameful behaviors, now perceive the average middle-class American as a problem for the new world project.

We have dared to question the lawlessness. We have dared to oppose the influx of people who are taking jobs from us and our children. We denounce the offensive against our sovereignty. And we are demanding changes; changes in our public education, changes in the enforcement of our immigration laws, changes in our tax codes, changes in the laxity of our welfare laws, changes in our media, and changes in Washington D.C.

And our demands are falling on the deaf ears of those in power who have no interest in what we want or what we say. They are so weary of We the People and what we want that they are tuning us out.

Our lawmakers presently have more compassion and more empathy for people, who have broken our laws by illegally entering our country and are threatening our status as a sovereign nation and our Judeo-Christian culture, than they do for their constituents, the very people they swore to represent.

We the People have become a gigantic problem to the people we elected. And they are now maneuvering to disavow us and the republic that they took an oath to defend!

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