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Most Conservatives have reached their threshold when it comes to the unceasing examples of absurd thinking brought to us live by the political Left. The bizarre has become reality thanks to political correctness, social justice, and the Democrats.

But now as the ideological war for America heats up, we are having Republican Congressmen targeted by the wackos on the Left. Apparently, June’s shooting of Republican Steve Scalise, which was a near-fatal wound, was just the beginning of violence against Republican lawmakers.

Another, creepy moment occurred in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last week during a townhall meeting with Republican Senator Pat Toomey. One of the attendees, Simon Radecki, a far-left activist who had worked on Al Franken’s campaign, asked Senator Toomey this disturbing question, “We’ve been here for awhile. You probably haven’t seen the news. Can you confirm whether or not your daughter Bridget has been kidnapped?”

After Toomey hesitated with, “Uhhhhhh,” the crazed Radecki continued by saying, “The reason I ask is because that is the reality of families that suffer deportation.” Radecki was escorted out of the meeting and will supposedly face charges of disorderly conduct.

Are you kidding me? Disorderly conduct? The question was an obvious back door strategy of threatening Toomey. Radecki took the time to find out the name of Toomey’s daughter. And he intentionally posed a frightening question as truth, one which would cause the hearts of many parents to stop or at least skip several beats.

Other attendants of the townhall meeting described the entire episode as scary, reprehensible, and most definitely threatening. But authorities say that it is unlikely that charges against Radecki will hold up in court.

Radecki accomplished his unstated goal. He put forth the warning to all Republican lawmakers that the left-wing goons know the names of their children. And if the lawmakers know what is good for them and their families, they will reject the notion of deporting the so-called “dreamers.”

While this threat was public, I don’t think that these threats are uncommon to those on the Right. I have long suspected that many Republican lawmakers have remained quiet while the Left has ridden roughshod over conservatism, because the members of the GOP have had their family members threatened. Blackmail and threats have become routine for the Left and their agenda.

Simon Radecki put it out there for all Republicans to consider. Do what we say or the next kid to go missing just could be yours. The message was heard loud and clear. And If I was Senator Toomey, I would be making sure that Simon Radecki had a very private, blood-curdling response from me.

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