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Former Fox News analyst Eric Boling has suffered a terrible loss this weekend. His son Eric Chase Boling Jr. was found dead from a suggested suicide, just one day following his father’s dismissal from Fox. Boling has released a statement denying that the death was a suicide, claiming that there is no sign of self harm at this point. And I hope for the sake of the Boling family that the autopsy reports concur with Boling’s assertion that his nineteen year old son did not commit suicide.

TMZ is reporting that sources close to Fox News said that the young Chase died from a drug overdose. According to TMZ, he was having difficulty coping with the embarrassment of the stories being told about his father and his dad’s problems with Fox. His demeanor was described as “emotionally upset.”

Chase was apparently a sensitive young man, and whether his death was self-inflicted, an accident, or from natural causes, it was tragic and very possibly avoidable. The horrific pain that his parents are enduring now is the pain which only those who have lost a child can truly understand. The rest of us can only imagine the excruciating grief.

But if Eric Chase Boling Jr.’s death was indeed a result of a young man who was distressed and overwrought to the point of feeling tormented by circumstances beyond his control, his untimely death is indeed a consequence of political hatred.

It is no coincidence that Eric Boling was targeted by the left-wing Huffington Post as yet another example of Fox News men sexually harassing women. And of course, it is extremely convenient that all sources are anonymous. Throw in the fact that the allegations refer to events from ten years ago, not to say that they are true.

The political assaults began with Roger Ailes and took down Bill O’Reilly. Even Mr. All-American Steve Doocy was mentioned in one complaint. Charles Payne and Jesse Waters have also had their hands smacked. And the latest is Eric Boling. All men were Trump supporters. Only a liar could not see the trend.

Where oh where are the sexual harassment lawsuits against the men at MSNBC and CNN, CBS and ABC, NBC and ESPN? Are Americans supposed to believe that only men at Fox stepped over the discretionary line of sexual respect? Or could it be that Liberal, left-leaning men are given a big pass when it comes to sexual harassment?

One does not have to be conspiratorial to recognize that Fox News is house cleaning, and the progressive globalist Murdoch brothers ae shoring up their progressive network by shedding the Conservatives. Working hand-in-hand with the fake news media, Fox News joins with the Left and their political sabotage.

When the media sharks tear into their victims, they give no thought to the families of their marks. They are politically motivated, and they have an agenda to advance. They may not deliberately take aim at the families, but they don’t care about the fallout of their attacks. Many in the left-wing media and establishment joyously celebrate the heartache suffered by their political foes on the Right. It’s just a disgusting reality.

Years ago, there was a man and woman at my workplace who were having an affair. Another woman was so incensed by the situation that she told me that she was going to anonymously call the wife of the man involved in the affair and the husband of the woman. She thought that they should know.

I cautioned her, telling her that her actions could cause unintended harm to many people if she took it upon herself to reveal the affair. So many people are emotionally fragile, and we never know what information will be the catalyst for disaster. Suicide and homicide are not uncommon when people’s hearts are broken.

Whatever Eric Boling’s actions were ten years ago, assuming that there even was inappropriate behavior, we can safely assume (because we have brains), that it was not life-shattering or the so-called “anonymous” sources would have complained ten years ago. But they waited until Boling gave them a reason to unleash a storm into his life, that storm which may have very possibly claimed the life of his son.

They waited until they had a political vendetta and wanted to remove his voice and influence from Fox News. And it worked.

But there was very likely an unintended consequence born from their political hate. His name was Eric Chase Boling Jr.

Rest In Peace, Chase.


  1. I am sickened by this tragic story on so many levels. My brother’s son took his life at 21. There is a trend and it cannot just be a conservative FOX problem. Boling would have stayed on forever had he only done the financial shows on Saturday mornings that I never miss. But he let his Conservatism catapult him to his own show and the women came out. It’s a heart wrenching story all the way around.

  2. How very sad and unfortunate that this young man let the lefts’ lies and hate get the best of him. We need to fight back, not let them win. Those “anonymous” sources and the left be damned!

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