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I first became familiar with Washington D. C. socialite Sally Quinn a little over ten years ago when she was a guest on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News program. She specifically caught my interest as she acknowledged in the interview that she is an atheist. I was surprised and disappointed, but it fit her persona as a left-wing figure. Quinn was O’Reilly’s guest several times through the years.

I found Quinn to be haughty, condescending, and very unlikeable. Little did I know that Quinn and her husband Ben Bradlee, former executive editor for the left-leaning Washington Post, were the gatekeepers of the Washington cocktail elites. “Anybody who was in anybody” in Washington had to go through Sally Quinn and her husband for approval.

But there was oh-so-much more to the now widowed Quinn. She has a new book entitled “Finding Magic; A Spiritual Memoir.” In her book Quinn admits to murder through hex. You read that right. Quinn confesses to killing three people by means of putting a voodoo hex on them.

According to her memoir, she fist hexed a woman who was flirting with her boyfriend. The woman committed suicide after Sally’s spell. Her next victim was a magazine editor who did a not-so-flattering profile of Quinn. Quinn takes credit for hexing the editor who got cancer and died. Her third victim was a psychic who told Quinn something she didn’t want to hear.

After her third victim died, Quinn’s son became ill, and believing it was karma for her spells, she stopped casting her black magic. Kudos to you, Sally! Those boomerang hexes can be hell.

Quinn admits in the book that she intentionally broke up her husband’s first marriage with threats. Her elite friends have been encouraging her to put a hex on President Trump, but so far, thank goodness, she has refrained. Thanks for the self-discipline, Sally.

In an interview with USA Today Sally Quinn told of her families’ psychic abilities and admitted that her mother had put hexes on two people who died. So it’s “all in the family.” She tells of watching the household staff in her family practice voodoo.

Quinn relates the story of her bother warning her that she needed to stop putting out bad energy through her hexes, but she didn’t take him seriously. Now, let me get that straight….she is casting spells, but doesn’t take her brother seriously?

When asked as to how she cast her hexes, she refrained from giving details. She did indulge that it was a ritual with candles and music and fire. When she told her story of friends asking her to hex Donald Trump, she admitted that she declined saying, “I don’t do that anymore.”

It’s not that Sally minds killing people. It’s just that she is afraid of the bad energy coming back on her. But I understand, Sally. It’s a bummer when you cast a spell and it backfires. Oh, how we all know how that feels!

What I find to be more alarming than Sally Quinn’s admission of dealing in the occult and practicing black magic is that it was common knowledge within her social circles and nobody seemed to mind. How many articles have you read about the Washington Post’s former editor and his wife being involved in the occult? Probably none.

I wrote an essay this week concerning Hillary Clinton’s public statement that she had wanted to put pins and needles in voodoo dolls of her media and political detractors. She stated this in a televised interview aside from writing it in her book. And yet there was little mention of it anywhere, even among so-called conservative columnists.

Why did Clinton even mention her inclination for voodoo spells? Because in Satanism, it is Lesser Magic to suggest that you want to curse someone. Insinuating a curse is an actual curse.

But where was the public and media outrage that a Democrat presidential candidate was even speaking of casting voodoo spells? There was none. You could almost hear a pin drop all across the media world.

And then there’s the narrative of John Podesta and his spirit cooking. Podesta’s story is too complicated to unravel in one essay, so I will save it for a rainy day. But Podesta is just another example of wickedness permeating through the social and political realms of Washington D.C.

Is it any wonder that we have chaos in Washington? Is it any wonder that John McCain came prancing into the Senate chambers gleefully and defiantly to cast a vote against righteousness? Is it any wonder that abortion has become the most important covenant to the Washington elite. The sacrifice of little innocent babies plays well with the diabolical characters within our nation’s capital.

Evil nourishes pandemonium and anarchy. It is true; “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” And heavens knows there are thousands of idle hands among our lawmakers who are basking in their positions but doing absolutely nothing in terms of making law or defending the Constitution.

What’s really scary is that these evil-doers are beginning to open up about their macabre and ghoulish lives. They are “coming out.”

Washington D.C. is not a swamp. It is the portal to hell. These people made their deals with the devil, and we need an exorcism, not a swamp drain.

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