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Marc Short is a Trump adviser. Short worked for the Koch brothers and is pro-mass immigration. But the kicker is that Short was a major player in the “NEVERTRUMP” movement. He went from being a NeverTrumper to a White House staffer.

In 2016 the “National Review” reported that Short was supporting pro-amnesty Marco Rubio and that he was also leading the effort to take down Trump and his agenda. And now this NeverTrumper has the inside track to President Trump’s ear. Call me a nattering nabob of negativism, but I got a problem with this guy.

Short was the president of Freedom Partners, a Koch organization. His goal was to stop then candidate Donald Trump before Trump became uncontainable. Obviously, he failed.

Short left Freedom Partners and joined with the Rubio campaign as an open-border advocate. Today he is a White House spokesman on none other than the issue which is near and dear to his heart, that being amnesty.

This week Short was a guest on CNN. And this is what he had to say, “I think that what the definition of what a wall is, is something we all need to have a serious conversation about.”

I am honestly sick and tired of the Left and their “serious conversations.” Anytime that the Democrats want to manipulate the topic at hand, the media pundits go onto national television and whine about the need for a “national conversation.”

And I will be the first one to admit that I have no interest in even talking to these people. I don’t want to hear what they have to say, because I already know their game. In the political world, having a conversation with Democrats means one thing…that the Republicans lose. The spin, the media coverage, the political hacks, and the worthless politicians always support the Democrats’ talking points of the conversation.

Having a “national conversation” is what the establishment calls for, because they are too stupid to make competent, thoughtful, and constitutional legislation. But by gosh, never accuse them of not talking about it. They are masters at meaningless “conversations.”

But I digress. This White House staffer Marc Short now wants the country to establish a definition for the word wall. And this means you can get ready for some kind of word play or finger in your eye.

Short told CNN that in some cases it would be a type of fencing. He said, “It is a myriad of different structures.” Short probably believes that by using the word “myriad” he has the masses eating from the palm of his hand. HE THINKS YOU’RE STUPID!

‘Bill Clinton had trouble interpreting the meaning of the word “is.” “It all depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is,” Clinton told the investigators during Monicagate.

Have you ever noticed how people on the Left have trouble understanding basic language? A former president of the United States didn’t understand the meaning of the word “is,” and now we have a White House adviser who needs help defining the word “wall.”

Short suggests that the border wall will be a “kind of fencing” in some spots. I’m not a wall expert, but I’ve never seen “a great big beautiful wall with a great big beautiful door” made from chain-link fencing. I’ve seen plenty of chain link fences with gates, but the gates are always unlatched.

But from the sounds of Short and his agenda, he would prefer a chicken wire fence.

How did this NeverTrumper get into this White House and worse yet, become an adviser and spokesman for the border wall and immigration reform? This is absolutely maddening. Somebody in the White House isn’t doing their job.

Oh but never fear, the wall will be built. And if Marc Short has his way, it will be a “GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL MADE FROM LEGOS!”

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