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Ann Coulter was an AlwaysTrumper. She was so smitten by Trump that she wrote a book in his honor entitled, “In Trump We Trust.” From the moment I heard the title of Coulter’s book, I thought it was creepy. I didn’t have a problem with her really really really liking Trump and supporting him, but writing an entire book in his honor was a little much. But what made me seriously question Ann’s blind devotion to the president was her recklessness of transposing Trump’s name for God’s. It was completely tasteless.

Unfortunately for Ann, she dedicated her entire book to Trump only to now suggest that he needs to be impeached, because he “might” be backing out of his DACA promise to his base. And I say “might”, because at this point it is only a guess.

But that’s Ann’s problem. Anyone who puts that kind of faith in any man is asking for a letdown. We can hope Trump does the right thing. We can expect him to carry through with his promises. But when we shower anyone with adulation, we had better hope we have pine needles or a mattress underneath us when we fall from the disillusionment.

Now, Ann is suspended in political purgatory as she bemoans her hasty fawning of President Trump. Had she just supported Trump rather than worshiped him, she would have found forgiveness a little easier.

So, in one corner we have Ann Coulter, the scorned over-zealous Trump sycophant. And in the other, we have a lesser know woman by the name of Susan Wright. Wright is a blogger for Redstate. And if Wright is anything, she is a NeverTrumper. Rarely does the woman write a commentary that she isn’t chiseling away at the president. She is one of the most annoying writers that I have taken the time to read, because she pounces on Trump at every turn.

She wrote an article this weekend in which she mocked Coulter for drinking the orange Kool-Aid and believing Trump was a Republican in the first place. Wright wrote, “I’m going to have to start following Coulter’s Twitter feed. As Trump begins to pivot left, her breakdown is going to become more and more glorious. Too bad she didn’t have the integrity to listen to those of us who tried to warn her and others like her early on.”

Before I continue, I want to say that Susan Wright is a jerk. She isn’t concerned about her country. She is essentially interested in being right. Her arrogance makes Ann Coulter appear to be modest.

Stating that those Trump supporters, who didn’t listen to the NeverTrumpers from early on, have no integrity, are words of a smug egomaniac. And wanting to relish Coulter’s “glorious” breakdown is the mindset of a malicious “mean girl.”

Hoping that Trump fails so as to enjoy her own self-righteousness in predicting that he would disappoint his base says more about Wright’s callous disregard for the nation than it does about any advice that she wants to hand out to those Americans who did not want to listen to her.

Ann Coulter and Susan Wright are two sides of the same extreme. Coulter, a devoted follower of Trump, thought that he could do no wrong. Ann is a single-issue voter. She is obsessed with the lawlessness of illegal immigration. She has decided that he betrayed her, and that’s that. Ann is off the Trump Train. And odds are that she won’t jump back on it.

Wright is a radical Trump-hater. As I mentioned earlier, most of her essays are smack downs of Trump, many of them being totally baseless. She wants Trump supporters to pay, because they did not listen to her, and Coulter wants Trump to pay, because she believes he is getting ready to abandon his campaign promises regarding illegal immigration.

Both women are fanatics. The NeverTrumper versus the AlwaysTrumper. And they will both lose.

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  1. i think EVERYONE is becoming unhinged. for GOD’s SAKES, why are we and WHO are we to second guess everything our white house administration does, WHY? Trump’s meeting with Pelosi and Schumer was a CLEAR message to the American people he will do whatever needs to be done for the best of the country. Trump got BURNED by Reuplicans over Obamacare and he’s NOT going to let this happen again! The Republicans are a DISGRACE to what we want as Americans. We gave them the majority, we gave them a president who agrees with our wishes and the are dilly farting around doing NOTHING. If “Dreamers” are productive Americans, contributing to our society, paying taxes, why are people being SO STUBBORN and not willing to take a ‘wrong’ (obama’s and Congress’s constitutional mistake for allowing this in the first place)and make it a ‘right’. Do these people as parents find out something their child did 5 years ago and go back and punish them for it or do they rationally discuss it with them and chose the best alternative and learn from their mistakes.

    I think many are not looking at the fact Dreamers are REAL people, with real emotions. They did not ask to come here and under consideration is rounding all of them up and droppping them off in Mexico! Come on…………… there’s a difference in LOOKING at a situation and coming up wiht options, laying out a plan of GOOD action and moving forward. IF we know who all these people are, then the ones who are on welfare and succing America dry, give them 90 days to get a job, take the steps to start legalization and if they don’t, give them their walking papers, as for the ones who have become doctors, lawyers, military personnel, give them some sort of pre determined credit towards their path of citizenship, welcome them to our country CUT OFF THE DREAMER plan moving forward and let’s GET ON WITH LIFE.

    WE HAVE A MORAN IN NORTH KOREA who wants to drop nuclear bombs on us, we have millions of devastated, homeless people in Texas and Florida from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma tromping around in TOXIC waste creating serious illnesses for these people… Florida many do not even HAVE a home, black mold is growing rampid and people’s lives are STILL at stake.

    So as far as paying attention to the cry baby antics of Anne Coulter, she dropped of my radar months ago as i pay attention to what REALLY Matters and have faith the Donald J Trump knows what he is doing and has the BEST interest of Americans STILL in his heart. THAT is why I voted for him and I am not going to play a back seat driver about his decisions and would hope others will follow suit.

    How EASILY many give up faith…. its amazing to watch.. like a bunch of lemmings… All it takes is one or 2 to come out against Trump, and many jump off the dock too.

    Hannity radio is playing audios of these traitors if you are into that, you can cathc his show from 3-6pm EST… HOWEVER, if you RATHER hear the positive Trump supporters, listen to Rush Limbaugh from Noon – 3pm EST. There are many who agree with me, we cannot and will second guess Trump, especially at such early stages of this presidency.

    YOU people are letting the MSM get to you…. stop listening to the crap, get off the political cycle for a week and go plant flowers, the break will do you a world of GOOD… in Texas and Florida we were FORCED to get off the political cycle and make preparations for the before and after FIGHT of OUR LIVES: Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Some made won the fight, unfortunatley, not all did. Weeks after these hurricanes, people are just beginning to return to their land to get a glimpse of the remains of NOTHING left but sticks, mud, mold and toxic mud.

    I ask that you stop, for just for a moment, and pray for these people’s well being, pray for our President and for the United States of America. It all may be gone tomorrow.

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