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Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News was nothing more than a political hit. Media Matters and other left-wing media rags had been pushing stories of sexual harassment which were obviously fabricated and old news. It was nothing more than part of the Left’s plan to rid Fox News of conservative voices. And it came easy under the management of the progressive Murdoch brothers.

O’Reilly promised his faithful fans that he would be back with the truth as the facts unfolded. And from all indications, he wasn’t just a whistlin’ Dixie. He knew the details about the case which could not be revealed due to legalities.

O’Reilly was fired from Fox after key accuser Perquita Burgess claimed that the host of “The Factor” had made suggestive remarks to her such as referring to her as “hot chocolate.” When were the allegations made? In April of this year, immediately following a New York Times report that O’Reilly had settled sexual harassment claims with five women who said that O’Reilly had acted inappropriately with them………..TEN YEARS AGO. There’s nothing quite like a little fresh reporting, isn’t that right, New York Times. Or should I say, “There’s nothing like dredging up old news when you have a mark in your crosshairs.”

Not only were the settlements ten years old, but they were made without an admission of guilt on O’Reilly’s part. O’Reilly claims he needed to protect his family, and Fox News needed it to all go away for the sake of business.

But Perquita Burgess heard this news and had other plans. She had been a clerical temp at Fox News NINE years ago. And suddenly upon hearing the news of the sexual harassment claims and settlement, Burgess remembered that O’Reilly had made some suggestive remarks to her, including calling her “hot chocolate.” Oh no, not “hot chocolate!” What a nightmare!

O’Reilly stated, “I had no idea who this woman was. So, when it came out, it was stunning.”

As for Burgess, she said that when O’Reilly passed her desk he would grunt. She claims that O’Reilly “leered” at her and made the remarks, “Looking good there girl” and “Hey, hot chocolate.” According to Burgess, it was “very plantational.”

Of course she would say that it was “very plantational.” What’s a good sexual harassment claim without a nice dose of racism to it?

As luck would have it, Perquita didn’t bother mentioning this degradation by O’Reilly to anyone except conveniently, her sister and boyfriend. She didn’t alert the network that there was a problem. Well, she alerted them, but she waited NINE years before she did it.

And now that O’Reilly has lost his job, evidence is leaking that implies that Perquita Burgess may not be credible. You see, Burgess was arrested for making a false report and obstructing a court order in February of 2015.

Authorities say that Burgess called the police with claims that her boyfriend had struck her in the face with a gun. When the police arrived, they asked for the gun, and Burgess admitted there was no gun and that her boyfriend had not hit her. The boyfriend said that she had threatened him with calling the police and telling them that he had hit her with a gun.

Burgess was arrested for filing a false felony report and violating a personal protection order. Police didn’t pursue the arrest as the boyfriend and Burgess agreed that it was a misunderstanding.

In 2012 Burgess tweeted, “up until 10 years ago Laurence Fishburne could get every ounce of my hot chocolate.” Burgess’ attorney Lisa Bloom, who is the daughter of the left-wing lawyer and feminist Gloria Allred, admits that Burgess refers to herself as a bit*h and the “N” word also, but that’s okay. She can call herself names. No one else has that right to do that stated Bloom.

Perquita was on “The View” as a celebrity. No one bothered to check out her story or past. But then again, maybe they did and didn’t care that she’s a phony liar.

The truth is never an issue for the Left, especially when they have an agenda to advance.

In the meantime, O’Reilly is fighting back. It’s a little too late for his career on Fox News. He congratulates Sean Hannity for standing up to the attempts to get rid of him. Hannity fought back against his attackers and won.

But O’Reilly is a lot older than Hannity and likely tired of the rat race. He probably had retirement in his sites anyway, but wanted to leave on his own terms.

Eventually, Bill O’Reilly will have some satisfaction and be vindicated. The fake news media will omit the story or bury it in the obituaries.

And while I am only a lukewarm fan of O’Reilly, I have to give it to him. He made something of himself, and he brought a lot to the conservative table, more so in the past than present.

Vindication is on the horizon for the host of the record-breaking “The Factor.” I hope for his sake that the truth comes out.

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